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Die Young

Houston's Die Young (TX) first rallied together in the fall of 2002 as simply Die Young, a determined and passionate crew spouting sociopolitical hardcore that took direct inspiration from bands like Catharsis, Integrity, Black Flag, and Trial, in addition to philosophers like Chomsky and Nietzsche. Die Young's lineup rotated a lot over the years, with the most consistent members being frontman The Reverend White Devil and drummer Rynearson (that's James Fuckin' Rynearson, to you). The band released two 7"s in 2003 -- Songs for the Converted appeared that spring, followed by Confession of a Petty Thief that fall. Both releases were then gathered together (along with several new tracks) into the May 2004 album The Message, released through Immigrant Sun Records. The EP Survival Instinct followed a year later, as did a split 7" with Orange County's 7 Generations (Surprise Attack Records).

When Die Young returned from a summer 2005 tour, however, the guys found cease-and-desist letters waiting for them in the mail courtesy of a California band with the same name. The two groups eventually settled with the Houston crew adopting "TX" after their moniker to differentiate themselves. As was their nature, Die Young (TX) continued to tour relentlessly all across the world, notably venturing to oft-neglected places beyond the contiguous United States like Alaska, eastern Asia, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and more. The group's hard work did not go unnoticed, and in July 2006, Die Young (TX) signed a deal with Eulogy Recordings. An early 2007 split with Long Island metallic hardcore upstarts Invade led into the March release of the band's Eulogy debut, Graven Images.

Die Young (TX) continued to tour in support of Graven Images through all of 2007, and then recorded their swan song, Loss, a 7-inch for A389 Recordings in early 2008. With the release of Loss that summer, Die Young (TX) toured a couple more times throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe. Their final appearances in Canada during July 2008 led them to be arrested and deported from Vancouver, British Columbia, after performing 13 shows without work permits or proper legal permission to perform at certain types of venues in Canada. Still Life Recordings from Italy released Die Young (TX)'s final works and rare vinyl tracks on to CD format in late Summer 2008 on Through The Valleys In Between. The band was on hiatus for most of 2009, and did not write or record any music during that time.

Die Young officially played their last show in October 2009 in Houston, Texas.

UPDATE 10/2/2013: Die Young has recently announced they will regroup to record two new records to be released in early 2014 on Headfirst! Records.


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