Faun Fables plus Special Guests

Faun Fables

FAUN FABLES is Dawn McCarthy's vivid imagination come to life in song and theater, made to explore human pathos amid an animate earth with musical & physical storytelling forms. It has been attracting a devoted and eclectic following since 1997 with numerous performances throughout North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and four record releases distributed worldwide.

Dawn McCarthy is a writer, singer and theater artist whose work is a sea of gorgeous elemental nitty gritty; haunting melodies, breath, stomping, and natural theatricality led by the voice, rooted in the physical body. It is a crossroads where ancient ballad, art song, physical theater and rock music meet. Her lyrics speak to people of all ages about things like rugged housekeeping, street kids, growing old, sleepwalking and exiled travelers returning home.

Party Knüllers

Party Knüllers is the the experimental garage jazz duo of Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, guitar, electronics) and Ståle (drums). The band was described by Eyal Hareuveni as "an intimate meeting of the two restless and adventurous musicians" with an "obsessive and playful need to explore and invent new sounds and new forms of musical communication."

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

The man who acts under the name Will Oldham and sings and composes under the name Bonnie "Prince" Billy has, over the past quarter-century, made an idiosyncratic journey through, and an indelible mark on, the worlds of indie rock and independent cinema. With his highly individualistic approach to music making and the music industry, one that cherishes intimacy, community, mystery, and spontaneity; his brilliance has captivated fans and made Bonny one of our most influential and beloved songsmiths. Recent projects in 2012 include Now Heres My Plan (EP), Will Oldham on Bonnie "Prince" Billy (An Autobiography edited by Alan Licht, published by Norton), as well as two singles; Billy F. Gibbons/ Matt Sweeney & Bonny Billy "Oh Well" b/w "Storms", and Dawn McCarthy & Bonny Billy "Christmas Eve Can Kill" b/w "Walkin the Dog". In 2013, Bonny released a new full length record of duets with Dawn McCarthy on Drag City.


FLANGER MAGAZINE is the handsome duo of Chris Bush and Ben Zoeller, who both have also played in the excellent band Caboladies. Expect some unexpected sounds, from the ridiculous to the sublime. Additionally, tonight will see the debut of their feature-length video Follow Deal.

"I first encountered (Chris Bush and Eric Laham) live, facing each other over a table piled high with gear. Although grouped with contemporary synth revivalists like Oneohtrix Point Never and Sam Goldberg, Caboladies marry songcraft with electronic wizardry. Their sound is thoughtfully mixed, each element clear and distinct, avoiding the pervasive lo-fi murk that homogenizes so much modern underground electronic music." - Altered Zones

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