Kal Marks

Kal Marks

Kal Marks sound is unique, mixing brilliant songwriting with spacious and patient guitars and heavy rhythms. Slow builds lead to chaotic finales. Warm folk rock influences collide with sludgy beauty and post-rock tension. Kal Marks influences encompass a wide range of rock music, from Harvey Milk, KARP, and Modest Mouse, to Neil Young, Brian Eno, and John Fahey. The heavy sounds of Black Sabbath and Shellac, to the explorative music of Nick Drake and Mount Eerie.

Fixtures of Boston's fertile music scene, Kal Marks are one of the city's hardest working bands. Originally a solo project of Carl Shane, Kal Marks began in 2007 with Shane recording to a 4-track in his sisters' bathroom in New Hampshire. Soon after he moved to Boston and by 2009, the line-up had expanded to become a full band, embraced by the rabid basement scene due to consistently entrancing shows. The band self-released their debut "Goodbye Horses" in March 2011 and followed with the incredible "Piss of the Century" EP in July 2012. Kal Marks' line-up shifted throughout the years until Mike Geacone (bass) and Nick Egersheim (drums) joined the band in early 2013.

IAN are a "dream-pop outfit" from Los Angeles, California who have recently relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. Led by Jillian Medford, they've released records on Blood Oath Slumber Party and Bufu. "The trio specializes in feedback-drenched, taut rock given a twist by Medford, whose girlish vocals manage to sound effervescent even when she’s singing of heartbreak." - Maura Johnston, in the Boston Globe.

Dry Summers

DRY SUMMERS are an AWESOME new Louisville band featuring members of Gangly Youth, The Photographic, Tiny Fights, and solo artist Shutaro Noguchi. They recently played their debut show at Kaiju with Tycoons of Teen and Invisible Things (from Chicago/Philly), and if you missed them that night, you don't want to miss out this time!


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