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Two Cow Garage

A fierce and edgy alt-country band from Columbus, OH, Two Cow Garage takes the twangy melodies of vintage country music and fuses them with a muscular, amped-up attack that recalls Nirvana or Dinosaur Jr. as much as the Jayhawks or Blue Rodeo. In the fall of 2002, Two Cow Garage released their first album, Please Turn the Gas Back On, through Shelterhouse Records; the band supported the disc with a relentless tour schedule that put 332,000 miles on their van's odometer over the course of two years. 2004 saw the release of their second album, The Wall Against Our Backs, which received rave reviews from critics while the band kept up their punishing tour schedule, which was captured on video by fan and filmmaker John Boston in his documentary The Long Way Around: One Badass Year with Two Cow Garage.

We are Mutts.
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Grunge/Lounge trio Mutts sound "like Tom Waits auditioning for GWAR" according to the Chicago Tribune. Do312 named the keys-based band a Top 5 Chicago act to see, saying, "Tom Waits this, Tom Waits that… It's simple, this band is f***ing awesome." Mutts are on tour in 2015 celebrating the release of their 4th LP – Fuel Yer Delusion vol. 4. It is their fourth straight album to chart on the CMJ Top 200, reaching #111 over a two-month run. In the past four years they have played over 500 tour dates across 27 states, including Riot Fest, Summerfest twice and SXSW twice.

Dear fans, friends and family,
Remember that long stream of conscious bio we had? FB wouldn't let us add to it any more; it got too long. Sorry. We will reincarnate that on our website soon.

PS - There are 2 other bands called "The Mutts," one based in Los Angeles and active from 1983 - 1996; the other based in Brighton, England from 2001 - 2006. Them ain't us. There's also now an "R. Mutt" in Milwaukee. Nice guys, we met 'em at Summerfest. Also not us, though. Make sure you got the right Mutts. Our releases are: Pretty Pictures EP (2009), We Float EP (2010), The Tells of Parallels EP (2010), Pray for Rain (2011), Separation Anxiety (2012), Object Permanence (2013) and Fuel Yer Delusion v.4 (2014).


formerly Old Milwaukee

Dust and Ashes

Swamp stomp from the Queen City.

$8.00 - $10.00


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