J Rocc

"One of the best DJs on this here planet Earth" - Ego Trip

That quote pretty much says it all. One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-'80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the rise of instrumental hip-hop, including core member Babu plus future stars Shortkut and D-Styles.

In addition to numerous mixtapes and his own production for Stones Throw releases, J. Rocc has been the DJ for Madlib's live shows since the early 2000's, was the 3rd member of Jaylib (Madlib & J Dilla) during the group's live events, and collaborated with Madlib on Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to J Dilla.

J Rocc's first album of his own original production, Some Cold Rock Stuf, was released in 2011 and is filled with inspiration from Soul / Funk music. We are amped to have J come to Soul Summit and play his favs for the party!

Phoenix / Colorado raised, Brooklyn based.
Producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist.
Melodic, hip-hop inspired, cinematic bass music.

Jackson Whalan

Jackson Whalan creates a refreshing blend of hip-hop, world, soul, and electronic bass music, made from the heart to uplift the human spirit. Jackson, also known as Ty or Tynan, is A skilled rapper, DJ, producer, and co-founding member of the live band Technicolor Lenses (Brooklyn, NY). Recording music and rapping since his early teens, Jackson evolves in his fearless and energetic expression, which he uses to invigorate the soul, send a positive message, and bring people together in celebration. He loves to write songs and freestyle, make beats, collaborate with other artists, work in the studio, and travel doing live shows, introducing a new sound from the future with his lyrics and sounds.

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