Nick Africano

A son of the moon. A butterfly bull. Nick Africano is a songwriter, multi-intrumentalist, band-leader, solo performer, producer, and experiments with watercolors and poetry. His style defies the confines of genre, and lives in the mysterious space of rock and roll, storytelling, and folk music. In an ether of contradiction. Lyrics often softly spoken, or soulfully crooned. His live performances are captivating and spontaneous, moving between acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, and piano.

A relentless performer, Africano has toured the US extensively and most recently has toured in the UK and Switzerland. He currently performs a monthly late-night series at the acclaimed Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

Over the past 7 years he has recorded 4 albums including I've Ever Desired (2008) The Butterfly Bull (2012) and his first EP Broken (2005) and his currently gearing up to release his first all-analog LP, yet to be named.

He is credited with helping produce Marmalade (2007) with Pokey Lafarge, though as he playfully describes, he was mostly just there for support and as a second ear to help make decisions.

Most recently Africano worked as Musical Director for Les Foules' production of William Shakespeare's Cymbeline in London, England. Here he also made his acting debut.



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