The Pietasters

The seed was planted in 1990. A bunch of friends started a band with no pretensions: the idea was to make music for house parties, not to make a career out of music. These guys and a girl grew up in and around Washington, D.C. The scene was small and all the Punks, Skins, and Mods intermixed in those days. You were as likely to see a Mod at a Scream show as you were to see a Punk at a Toasters show. This varied influence is what informed the covers that the Pietasters played and the originals they wrote trying to emulate their favorite bands. From Two-Tone Ska, to Jamaican crooners like Alton Ellis, to Stax, Motown, harDCore, and British Punk, the Pietasters played what they liked to play and the house partiers appreciated the mix and crammed into basements and living rooms for sweaty all night keg drinking and dancing.

Hub City Stompers

Hub City Stompers hail from the "hub city" of New Brunswick, NJ. The band was founded and formed by Rev Sinister, former vocalist/frontman for NJ Ska band Inspecter 7. After i7 had gone into a dormant state in 2001, RevSin, still bloodthirsty for making and performing music, went on the hunt to form a new band and in the summer of 2002 HCS was born. In the wasteland of the seemingly "dead" ska scene of the time, these necromaniacs romanced ska's rotted corpse, playing for the love of the music rather than the popularity of it, and formed a force to be reckoned with in the New Jersey music scene.

Embracing various styles and eras of ska from the 60's through the 80's, and adding reggae, punk, oi!, hardcore, and even hip-hop, jazz and classical influences, they manage to avoid a typical, formulaic ska sound and steer clear of cliche poppy ska lyrics.

Hub City Stompers' line up consists of ex-members of bands such as Inspecter 7, Bigger Thomas, Professor Plum, Predator Dub Assassins, Bomb Town, and The Heavy Beat.

Proudly roaming the no-man's-land between the popular ska-core world and the elitist trad-ska world, Hub City Stompers choose to entertain and offend everyone equally and stick to their underground roots. Allied with all in this underground, they share the stage with ska, reggae, oi!, punk, and hardcore bands alike.

They have one song ("Night of the Living") on the Jump Up/Megalith Records "Still Standing" ska compilation released in 2002.
Their debut full length CD, "Blood Sweat and Beers", was released in May 2004 on Megalith Records.
Their self-released "Mass Appeal" EP came out in July 2005.
A studio recording of live show favorite "I've Got A Boot" is featured on the "Megalith Records Sampler" released in January 2006.
Their second full length CD, "Dirty Jersey", was released in December 2006 on Megalith Records.
They released their ska/punk/dub "Ska Ska Black Sheep" CD in May 2009 on Stubborn Records.
In 2012 they exclusively released their song "Barking Up the Wrong Tree" on the "This Is Not Dead" 4 band split 7-inch on This Is Not Dead Records.
Their latest full length CD, "Life After Death", was released in December of 2014.

In 2014, after a year long HCS hiatus due to an attempt to revive i7 by merging HCS & i7 and abandoning the HCS name, RevSin and the majority of the i7 line up decided to leave behind the Inspecter 7 name once and for all, and bring back Hub City Stompers for good.
Now back in full effect, HCS is ready to bring their special brand of "dirty Jersey" Ska to all.



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