CANCELLED: Jaz Coleman: "Letters from Cythera" Spoken Word Tour ...discussing his personal memoirs through Killing Joke, mysticism, and the occult sciences.

Jaz Coleman: "Letters from Cythera" Spoken Word Tour

Renaissance principles for the twenty first century

Jaz Coleman, founding member with the legendary Killing Joke, will be hosting a series of evenings promoting the Renaissance principles set out in his latest book "Letters from Cythera".

Jaz will delve into his many experiences that have influenced his philosophical outlook on life and also discuss, Supersynthesis, a principle which has facilitated his many accomplishments including acting, conducting, singing, composing, geometry, architecture, and occult history.

The evening will include an interval offering the opportunity to meet Jaz in an informal environment.

Don´t miss this inspirational journey from one a truly unique artist.


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