Enabler, Meek Is Murder, White Widows Pact, Mary Todd

Milwaukee hardcore/metal/punk crossover. The world is fucked and this is the soundtrack to it's demise.

"Shift of Redemption" 7" (Due out April 9 on Think Fast! Records)
"All Hail the Void" CD/LP (Southern Lord / Halo of Flies / Creator-Destructor / Phobiact)
Tour 2012 2x7" (Southern Lord)
Enabler / Yautja split 7" (Burnt Bridges)
Drainland / Enabler split 7" (Halo of Flies / Granrepubliek)
Enabler / Ambassador Gun split Tape (Sacred Plague)
"Year One" CD (Creator-Destructor)
"War Begins With You" 7"/Tape (Volatile / Sacred Plague)
"Eden Sank to Grief" LP/Tape (FC / Halo of Flies)

White Widows Pact

"I am here crying. This morning I left a bit early, I wanted to wake you, say goodbye, but you were sleeping so well I was afraid to wake you..."

An Italian bricklayer behind on his taxes wrote a note to his wife of 27 years, then doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire outside a Bologna tax office. Giuseppe Campaniello died nine days later.

His widow joined with other women whose husbands took their lives to form a group called the "Vedove Bianche" - the white widows - to show that in this long drawn out economic crisis, the cost cannot be calculated on a tax form.

Mary Todd

Three gents from the south, playing jams in the north.



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