Falls Of Rauros, Wayfarer, Hivelords, Belus

Falls Of Rauros

Black Metal and Folk sharing musical space.


WAYFARER came together between 2011 and 2013 uniting four Colorado natives of shared vision to create something at once beautiful and unstoppable in the bounds of heavy music.

Their sound is not easily classified, drawing influence from black metal, post metal, and countless other sources resulting in an organic and monumental landscape that encapsulates the immensity of mountains as well as a somber reflection of the human spirit. WAYFARER present a furious and ethereal storm of a sound that seeks to return some weight to the oft-overused descriptory term "epic".

A young and hungry band on the verge of releasing their full length debut "Children Of The Iron Age", recorded in early 2014 by Shane Howard (Martriden), mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cobalt, Primitive Man, Cattle Decapitation) and embarking on their first US tour with Dreadnought in summer 2014; WAYFARER will stop at nothing to bring their unique, massive, and ultimately honest and human soundscape to a beautiful burning world.

Always forward.


HIVELORDS exists to transmute a natural and terrifying force into experience. They are akin to archetypical renderings of a hidden, absurd squalor beneath existence. They acknowledge all the tenets of folklore, mythology and organized religion while unveiling the real horror behind them; absolute uncertainty. The destination is harsh reality, and the route is a painstakingly calculated mixture of concepts such as misery, disbelief, mold, mortality, and debris. The redeeming quality of each rendering is the presence of just enough triumph to return to normal levels of depression after listening.

Metal band from Brooklyn, New York.


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