Aviator is tricky to write about – something on which they pride themselves. Formed in 2009 in the hardcore hotbed of Boston, the members have been so sharply focused on honing their songcraft that they've neglected to manufacture a backstory, an "angle." But with the maturation evident across their early short-form releases (3 EPs, splits with My Fictions & Spirit Fangs), Aviator is comfortable letting their music speak for itself.

For their first few years, they billed their sound as "progressive" hardcore, but catching up with them in 2014 it seems as if they've progressed into something else entirely. Somewhere along the way, the band - vocalist TJ Copello, drummer Aviv Marotz, bassist Mike Moschetto and guitarists Mat Morin & Michael Russo - began letting go of the tropes of heavy music in favor of emotional weight, plucking instead at heartstrings and cathartically pounding the doldrums away. This growth comes to fruition on 'Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt,' their first full-length effort and No Sleep Records debut. Its ten self-produced tracks cover wide swaths of stylistic ground, comprising an emotive post-hardcore tour de force.

Tri-State Era

the kings of outer fucking space

Gardens is a band made up of four friends from the suburbs of Chicago. During the summer of 2013, after playing in numerous bands, the members decided to pursue a project that they were more passionate about. They strive to meet listeners at eye level and engage in dialogue through crooning, ambient guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and poignant, honest lyricism. Gardens aims for an audience that values the influence and importance of music as much as they do.

After a few months of writing, they self-released their debut EP Everything Looks Different In The Daylight in January 2014. Immediately after the release, the band began writing for their first LP. In June 2014, they drove out to The Panda Studios in Fremont, California to record Death In The Family, released November 2014.

Sheet Ghost

Sheet Ghost is a four piece post-punk band from Northern Kentucky.

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