Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes

Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes

Aquiles and Tcheser are an energetic duo that together transform their life experiences, rhythm and harmonies into impromptu performances that take the audience on a unique journey.

Tcheser, a drummer from NY who grew up submerged in Brooklyn's "Afro-centric" culture. Here he was introduced to an abundance of music (Rock, House, Hip-Hop etc). At an early age Tcheser played djembe with African Drum ensembles; this is where he was introduced to the drum-set and concepts pertaining to jazz.

Aquiles is a Panamanian trumpeter whose Grandfather was an accomplished cellist. Following in his footsteps. Aquiles always felt connected to music as expression. Growing up listening to his fathers music collection, his sound reflects the Panamanian culture of folkloric music, salsa and reggae. He was exposed to jazz in his late teens.

The recordings on the album are a sonic representation of their own musical and life experiences (Heritage) transformed to rhythm, harmonies and sounds (Invisible). These performances express each of their own influences. The interaction between both musicians create a unique that is growing and gaining popularity daily. All selections on this album were put together and improvised on stage; (no planning, second takes or editing occurred). Live tracks were recorded in various venues in Panama while three other tracks were recorded in the studio under the same musical direction.



General Admission Seated || *Please note, there is a $10 drink minimum for this show*

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