Battlehooch is the kind of band you thought went extinct along with landline phones and cassette tapes. In one sense they’re a band from another, sturdier era: a band that releases consistently quality material on a consistent basis, a band that doesn’t sacrifice creative drive for commercial interest, a band that grows and evolves with each successive release. From the beautiful madcap mess of debut LP Piecechow to the more refined yet still quite surrealistic jams on Hot Lungs to a cool, polished psych-rock sheen on 2014’s Wink EP, Battlehooch has proven itself as a band built to last. They may possess an old-school mindset, but their music is diverse and daring enough to fit perfectly into this wild new century.

Formed in San Francisco – the birthplace of psychedelia – it’s fitting that the six-piece collective echoes the city’s tie-dyed past in its own compositions. However, the group isn’t content with becoming a mere tribute to a time period they never lived through. Instead, Battlehooch updates the sound of psychedelia for a new generation, one that can now access dozens of genres and millions of songs with a few clicks of an iPhone. Battlehooch reflects this modern trend of manic music consumption: on any of their many releases, the listener will be treated to a sonic smorgasbord, bouncing from hard rock to dance-pop to mind-warping head trips to flirtations with electronica and jazz and Afrobeat and everything in between within the span of a few minutes, sometimes even seconds.

In 2018, Battlehooch partnered with Prizefighter Records to release new singles and do reissues of past albums (including on cassette for the first time!). In addition, they will also be touring the US west coast and in Europe.

For years Sun Hop Fat has been at the forefront of introducing the unique sounds of Ethiopian Jazz to the masses. The music blends the rhythms of traditional American funk (James Brown, Parliament) and jazz (Yusef Lateef, Miles Davis) with harmonies and melodies from East Africa. The result is an up-tempo groove machine that borrows harmonies from the Middle East. The music focuses primarily on arrangements from the “golden era” of Ethiopian Jazz but includes original compositions as well. This all-star band includes standout musicians from other popular San Francisco Bay Area groups. Sun Hop Fat has developed a solid following throughout Northern California by playing a number of clubs and festivals. The ability of the band to captivate sit down jazz crowds as well as steal the spotlight in prime festival slots, encouraging crowds to get up and dance, makes the group flexible in its appeal and garners support from diverse audiences.

Bear Lincoln

Bear Lincoln is a quartet of dedicated musical disciples whose influences range from James Brown to Talking Heads to Vicente Fernandez and back again. At a Bear Lincoln show, you will find quirky, danceable, upbeat originals and a top notch cover or two; these boys pride themselves on putting on a fun show. Based in Berkeley, California, Bear Lincoln performs all around the golden state and are planning to introduce themselves to the other 49 very soon. Stay tuned, because these gentlemen are in it to win it.

Lords Of Sealand

Lords of Sealand's sound is a rollicking, stormy melody, lockstep strings-drum rhythm, cascading guitars, and multi-tempoed vocals smooth as a leaf, firm as bark. The band distills a Rorschach cadre of sounds, full of irregular tempos and smooth, resonant vocals that range from lullaby soft to clean screams and will take you into the woods, all the way across the sea and back again in one listen.

"Lords of Sealand's sound is very unique and the music sucks you in by grabbing your ears with their sensual instrumentation and haunting lyrics and vocal performances." - The Deli SF

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