Evergrey is a progressive metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was founded in 1995 and released its debut album, The Dark Discovery, in 1998. After a minor hiatus the band returns with its ninth album Hymns for the Broken on 26/30 September 2014.

In the last few years, Australia's VOYAGER have attained what can only be described as a worldwide cult following. Hailed as "one of the most original and daring groups on planet", the band has battled geographical isolation to tour Europe twice, perform at ProgPower Europe 2006 and share stages with diverse acts like NIGHTWISH, STEVE VAI, SOILWORK and ALESTORM.

The band's loyal international fanbase has praised its incredibly catchy songwriting and compared its sound to a mixture of AMORPHIS' thirst for melody, SOILWORK's heaviness and the crystal vocal clarity of A-HA's Morton Harket.

Conceived in 1999 by Danny Estrin, a German-born musician, VOYAGER has 3 full-length albums under its belt, each one propelling them further into cult status as an elite progressive metal band. While "Element V" (2004) was celebrated for its uplifting variety, the band's opuses have continued on a darker path, with "uniVers" (2007) receiving critical acclaim for its melancholic and emotional side and "I am the revolution" (2009) reaching an even heavier, darker but still overwhelmingly melodic spectrum.

With an impressive history of Australian music awards, as well as many titles of "album of the month" in Romanian, Finnish, Italian, German and Belgian music press, the band's notoriety for its energetic live performances has captured audiences worldwide, so much that VOYAGER were invited to play at the prestigious PROGPOWER USA festival in 2011.

Coinciding with this is the release of VOYAGER's undeniably most refined work "The Meaning of I"; a dark, heavy, introspective, at times electronic, yet occasionally uplifting journey into the mind in search of meaning. "The Meaning of I" is a culmination of VOYAGER's sound: polished yet organic, heavy yet melodic, dark yet playful.

Together with Mark Boeijen's impeccable drumming, Alex Canion's innovative bass lines, Simone Dow and Scott Kay's virtuosic guitarwork and Danny Estrin's unique vocal style and intricate electronics and synthwork, "The Meaning of I" takes the sound of the band achieved by "I am the revolution" and leaps forward. Its melody, songwriting and structure tastefully flow through a labyrinth of emotions, perfected by the mixing and mastering work of Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK). The album is complemented perfectly by the guest vocal performances of Dan Tompkins (TESSERACT) and DC Cooper (ROYAL HUNT), the former indicating the heavy emotive direction of the band and the latter paying tribute to VOYAGER's melodic metal roots. Once again, artwork master George Grie provided the gripping cover to complete this journey into the mind.

VOYAGER's new album has found an excellent new home with elite progressive metal label SENSORY. With a worldwide release date of 11 October 2011, "The Meaning of I" promises to be a milestone in progressive music. As one reviewer said: "I don't care what you call this band: prog, metal, melodic rock or dark metal, but just call it brilliant."


With soaring vocals, lightning fast guitars and a rock solid backline, Borealis is bringing leather back, and dragging power metal up with it. It's been that way from the start for these 5 Canadian guys: all or nothing, and it shows in their music. Their self-produced debut 'World of Silence' has garnered attention from all angles of the industry, and word is just starting to get out.

Starting out in 2005, Borealis wasn't supposed to sound as it does today. The first songs and live performances were done with a female opera singer. It was quickly realized that the possibilities were limited following that path, so they set out to find the right sound. During their search, enough songs were written to record an album, but there was no luck finding a singer. Finally, it was decided that Matt Marinelli (singer/guitarist) was a douche for not letting on that he could sing up until that point.

With their new singer and an arsenal of songs, Borealis entered the studio, and after a long and endlessly drawn out time, World of Silence was unleashed. Having played locally with Kamelot, Epica, and Sonata Arctica with nothing to sell, patient fans were elated to finally get their hands on the album, and Borealis played a packed show with Edguy to support it.

With a new partership with Intromental Management, Borealis can now take the next step towards reaching their goal. Just a short history of a band working to fill a tall order. Consisting of Sean Werlick (keys), Mike Briguglio (guitar), Sean Dowell (drums) and Jamie Smith (bass), along with the aformentioned Matt Marinelli, the top of the power metal scene is where these Canadians strive to be, and if there's only one certainty, it's that they won't stop until they're there.

"To me it was a chemistry that worked right away, ''World Of Silence'' is a power metal masterpiece, capturing the sheer essence of the genre and improving it by adding speed and progressive metal elements! Their sound can be described as being both expressive and melodic, especially in the keyboards and guitar sections as a result of harmonized layering. The vocals of guitar player Matt Marinelli are another point that lifts this band to a very high level. Yes, brothers and sisters; there's a new star born, heading from the west! This release is a blistering one for all those into Progressive Power Metal. Borealis is a band you should try out and believe me you won't be disappointed for one minute." - Officer Nice, Metal to Infinity (users.telenet.be/metaltoinfinity/METALTOINFINITY.htm)

Musically Borealis leans towards the power metal sound, not too far removed from a band such as Evergrey or even Savatage in their prime, but also the more progressive bands like Vanden Plas or Dream Theater springs to mind here and there.

Right now, with a worldwide management and booking deal signed with Intromental Management, Borealis are focusing on their next album, which also will be the first one released through a record label. Consisting of new songs as well as a few re-arranged and re-recorded songs chosen from 'World of Silence', the album will be a major step forward and will secure Borealis' place among the best bands in metal in 2009.


Houston Progressive Metallers OCEANS OF SLUMBER Release Aetherial

On February 1st OCEANS OF SLUMBER self-released a progressive metal whirlwind called Aetherial. Labeling a band like OCEANS OF SLUMBER is never quite as easy as one would think. The Houston band features in its ranks the drummer of grind purists INSECT WARFARE (among many others), a degreed Jazz guitarist, and an all-around cast of "players' players." What results from this collective of skilled musicians and a broad cross section of influence is the adventurous Aetherial. Musical classification is of no interest to the band however. Instead, OCEANS OF SLUMBER create waves of stimulating atmosphere and use their talents to exploit the dynamics of the music, thereby creating the undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans' trademark. The person responsible for the mixing and mastering of Aetherial, UK madman Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, EVILE, etc.), had this to say about his work with Houston prog-metallers:

"Oceans of Slumber are of one of the top 10bands I've ever worked with. The perfect mixture of sheer brutality with ultimate musicianship taking you on a journey through music. Old school metal mixed with prog and psychedelia brought right up to date with cutting death metal and black metal influences. All my favorite stuff rolled into one!"

OCEANS OF SLUMBER are as comfortable drudging their way through doom-laden epic "Coffins Like Kites" as they are playing the caustic, country-tinged black metal of "Primordial," as well as shifting gears seamlessly into the soaring melodies of the KING CRIMSON inspired "Blackest Cloud" only to return to the sonic brutality that is the title track. Interpretation remains the province of the listener. With the intention of crossing every musical boundary, OCEANS OF SLUMBER creates an undeniable atmosphere of beauty and extremity with its very capable lineup of musicians. Get in touch at clawhammerpr@gmail.com to set up an interview and/or let us know about your coverage plans.



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