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BLOOMINGTON, IL — Chicago Farmer, the moniker Bloomington, Illinois’ Cody Diekhoff performs and writes under, is set to independently release his 7th album titled Midwest Side Stories on September 30, 2016. Midwest Side Stories is about hope, depression, job loss, meth, skateboards, a divided nation, used cars, the late shift, farms, factories, the destruction of our environment, and still being around to sing about it. The new release contains ten tracks all of which were written by Diekhoff (pronounced dee-cough), with the exception of the John Hartford classic “I’m Still Here.”

Folk hero Todd Snider says, “I love Chicago Farmer’s singing and playing and songs, but it’s the intention behind the whole of his work that moves me to consider him the genuine heir to Arlo Guthrie or Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. He knows the shell game that goes on under folk music… which is sacred to me. Chicago Farmer is my brother; if you like me, you’ll love him.”

Lyrically driven, Chicago Farmer delves into the social and political issues of today’s world, taking it all in and putting it back out through music as a commentary on modern times in the Midwest. With his unfeigned and relatable approach, Chicago Farmer has earned a place in the heart of this generation’s rise of protest songs. He composes music written and sung by and for the working man, the “regular person”, bringing to mind modern day folk tales.

“I arrived here, kicking and screaming the day that I took the stage, I went searching for some kind of meaning, like words looking for a page. Came up empty and full of worry that nothing could cover the pain, then these songs and stories began unfolding like an umbrella in the rain.” This is the opening stanza to the first song “Umbrella”, a song that speaks of the power of music in people’s lives and is dedicated to songwriters everywhere, including many of whom we’ve lost in 2016.

With heartfelt observations of the world around him, Chicago Farmer has been around the folk scene for a while now singing the stories he has written along the way, aiming to capture the essence of the human condition and putting it all on display. He has gotten to know a variety of players over the years and brought together a wonderful cast of musicians to perform on the album. Diekhoff co-produced Midwest Side Stories, with engineer Chris Harden at I.V. Labs Studios in Chicago, Illinois. Harden also played Glockenspiel and harmonized vocals on select tracks. Others on the album include vocalist and guitarist Ernie Hendrickson, drummer Darren Garvey, vocalist Heather Horton, and a handful of other Midwestern mainstays.

Cody has his finger on the pulse of middle America. Coming from a long line of family farmers and factory workers in central Illinois and growing up in a rural farming community has inspired many songs that are autobiographical in nature. Farms & Factories” is a workgrass song featuring fiddle, tempo changes, and the farming side of Chicago Farmer. In 2002 he moved up north to the big city where he came up with the name Chicago Farmer for what was initially intended to be a band, but ended up keeping the name for himself and started writing and recording albums. Eventually he moved back in 2008 to central Illinois where he makes his home in Bloomington. The Midwest is where he was born and raised. It’s where he first started to write poetry and where he would eventually set those words into motion with his guitar.

With Midwest Side Stories Chicago Farmer builds an adventurous narrative that brings issues to the front burner with folk/protest songs. “Two Sides of the Story” is an acoustically portrayed glimpse of the evolving division in the United States. It takes aim at the media, politics, and religion’s role in that division. “There’s two sides to every story, there’s two sides to every town, the side of town that tells the story. The side where the story went down.”

An upbeat electric working class protest song, “Revolving Door,” describes manufacturing job loss in the Midwest with howling vocals, a driving beat, and ripping harmonica. “My home state of Illinois continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the region, and manufacturing jobs continue to disappear.” Cody says, ”Politicians who work the current system to benefit themselves and their constituencies have sold out these industries and workers. While the CEO’s of these companies hand out pink slips to their workforce, they continue to hand themselves bonuses.”

“9pm to 5” examines the plight of the working American and pays tribute to those with unconventional work hours. At other times Chicago Farmer goes tongue-in-cheek with “Skateboard Song” which takes listeners on a ride with this folk story song, questioning our laws and priorities.

Midwest Side Stories is a follow up to 2013’s Backenforth, IL which rose to #33 on the Americana Charts as well as top #10 on several folk charts. Honest Tune wrote of it, “You can smell the dirt in the fields, hear the wind as it blows across the plains, and see the people that Chicago Farmer sings about. Each track captures a moment in time, whether for a person or a particular place. Imagine if a John Steinbeck short story had been written as a song, and this will give you a fairly good idea as to what Chicago Farmer accomplishes on his albums.”

Chicago Farmer is ready to kick down some more doors and put something new in as many ears, hands, living rooms, and car stereos as possible. Midwest Side Stories is available now on pre-order on Kickstarter and folks that donate will receive it at their doorstep several weeks before the official release. “We’ve set our goal at $20… because we love you.” Cody says, “My last album has a song called The Twenty Dollar Bill. It’s easily one of my top 3 requested songs, I especially love that it’s requested by people of all ages. It’s a story song inspired my grandparents and I’ve been told has moved a lot of people. We put a lot of heart, soul, sweat, tears, and even some blood into making this album. While the basics are covered, we still have a large hill to climb and any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated”

Midwest Side Stories captures everything that Chicago Farmer is capable of as a performer, songwriter and story teller. He draws you in with the emotion in his voice and holds you captive with the lyrical pictures he paints about the real struggle the common man is up against.

AJ Ghent is carrying the instrument, and the soul, of those who came before him –but in a most modern way. It’s true that the lap steel guitar has been the electrified ghost of Mississippi’s Delta Blues, and the inspiration for the fiery ‘sacred steel’ tradition of Florida’s Pentecostal worship services, for over a century, but when that lap steel is turned on its side and strapped on like a futuristic-looking guitar-shaped rocket ship, the instrument takes on a whole new dimension.

AJ’s debut release, Live At Terminal West (Blue Corn Music), is a CD/DVD package that showcases a sound, and a show, that is entirely his own. This double-treat package is a testament to both his mind-boggling guitar skills and infectious enthusiasm as a performer. AJ’s contagious passion for the music he loves has fans jumping to their feet, unsure if they are at a revival tent or a rock show – but loving every minute of it.

AJ Ghent was born in Fort Pierce, Florida to a family rich in musical history.

“Everything in our house was music,” Ghent recalls of his upbringing. His great uncle, Willie Eason, was among those popularizing gospel lap steel during the early 1900s, and his father, Aubrey Ghent, currently tours worldwide playing steel guitar for the Slide Brothers.

While still young, AJ discovered the lap steel guitar himself. “Witnessing my father and grandfather play in church and perform gospel music inspired me, and the freedom of the instrument put me somewhere I had never been.”

Ready to take on the world as a professional musician, AJ left his hometown and dove headfirst into the music scene of West Palm Beach, FL where he honed his performance skills nightly in a cover band. “I hit the stage immediately after graduation,” AJ recalls.

AJ spent his nights in West Palm Beach exploring a colorful range of genres from hip hop to R&B, but he still sought a style of his own. His time with the group solidified his love for entertaining, but the drive for further musical definition led him to Atlanta, GA.

Quickly carving his niche in the Atlanta scene, AJ started gigging at local jam sessions and was quickly noticed by Atlanta legend Col. Bruce Hampton, the eclectic singer/guitarist who has mentored many musicians including Derek Trucks and Widespread Panic. AJ joined the group, began honing his signature steel guitar sound and learned the value of breaking convention. “One of the things Col. Bruce appreciated was the fact that I was very spontaneous. He pushed that out of me and showed me that it’s okay to just get on stage without everything planned out. That’s what the AJ Ghent Band lives by now.”

AJ soon decided he wanted to pursue a new sound that blended his love for soul, old-school R&B, and rock, along with the accessibility of a cover band and the experimental flair of Col. Bruce Hampton. But he couldn’t start his solo project without adding a twist to the instrumentation. AJ took it upon himself to overhaul the lap steel aesthetic. “I started out on a standard six-string lap steel guitar, then I moved to a steel guitar. After that I found myself wanting to still try something different, so I started standing up playing lap steel and then found myself admiring the look of traditional guitar players. I wanted people to relate to that. That’s how I came up with the design of an eight-string lap steel and Telecaster guitar hybrid.”

With the help of his wife MarLa and sister Tiffany, on backing vocals, AJ put the band together from a roster of Atlanta’s finest: Seth Watters on bass, Gary Paulo on saxophone/guitar and Will Groth on drums. The newly formed AJ Ghent Band began gigging around Atlanta with a fresh energy and desire to spread the love of music.

Almost immediately the group attracted fans, and one of those fans happened to be country icon Zac Brown. He was so impressed with AJ and his band that he invited them to tour as support with the Zac Brown Band on their 2013 national tour. Overnight the AJ Ghent band went from being Atlanta’s best kept secret to an act opening for one of country music’s biggest stars. Luckily the AJ Ghent Band’s sound transcends genre so, as AJ says, “Going out in front of those country crowds was an entirely new experience, but by the end of the sets people were screaming for us.”

AJ has already caught the attention of A-list musicians currently on the scene. He has performed alongside Gov’t Mule and The Allman Brothers, opened for Robert Cray and laid down tracks for Zac Brown’s 2013 Grohl Sessions Vol. 1 as one of three guest artists alongside Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and bassist Oteil Burbridge (Tedeschi Trucks Band, Allman Brothers Band).

Live at Terminal West features the AJ Ghent Band at full capacity on all-new, original material. It is equal parts jam session, charismatic showmanship and – most importantly – a group of talented individuals achieving a sound far greater than the sum of its parts. AJ and his high-energy band, complete with soulful relations on backing vocals, blends the electrifying spirit of funk, gospel and blues into a sound that is purely modern rock and roll.

"I wanted to write short stories," Taylor says from her home on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. "I grew up in a small fishing town in South Florida and was enthralled fairly young by writers like Eudora Welty and Zora Neal Hurston and poet Emily Dickinson. I played flute in my school's marching band and eventually found the guitar. Then I discovered Joni Mitchell. You never know where you'll end up. I never thought I'd be a songwriter but I'm so grateful that I am."

Four full-length and two EP releases later, Taylor is still surprised to find herself a songwriter. She's toured extensively with Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith and friends Over The Rhine and supported songwriting heroes like Kris Kristofferson. Her songs have been featured in numerous television shows including Flashpoint, Army Wives, Smallville, Cyberbully and most recently in the UK's flagship comedy-drama, Stella. In 2013, she made her acting debut in the Sundance and Berlinale selected independent film, I Used To Be Darker, portraying a musician mother in the throes of divorce and on the brink of a new life. Taylor's most recent project, Love's A Dog, was Kickstarted by her fans in 2012 and released in 2013 to critical praise.


BULLETVILLE is a straight-up Country music offshoot of Magnolia Mountain that features MM's Mark, Renee, and Jeff, joined by some of the finest musicians in the area. The band plays a combination of Mark's original songs and a great selection of classic country covers by the likes of Waylon Jennings, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Gram Parsons, and more. Bulletville "is as country as country once was, bypassing the focus group-tested formula spoon fed to today’s commercial masses and served straight up. These songs are meant to be heard amidst both neon bar room glow and a barren moonlit road." (Bucket Full of Nails).

The band made its live debut in November 2012, and is now gigging around the greater Cincinnati area. Check the GIGS page for upcoming Bulletville shows, and be sure to "Like" the Bulletville Facebook Page for even more current updates.

Bulletville served as the backing band for Mark's solo album, Four Chords and a Lie, released in July 2013. A full-length Bulletville album is in the works for 2014, with The Afghan Whigs' John Curley set to produce.

SOUSE is a seven piece jazz-funk band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Formed in the Spring of 2004, out of the ashes of the late progressive fusion act Final Exit, SOUSE quickly became one of the premier jazz-funk bands in the midwest. Blending infectious melodies with layered rhythms and open improvisational passages, SOUSE continues to forge a unique sound and push the envelope with exposive live performances. The acclaimed 2008 release of their first CD, PUSH, and the non-stop schedule of dynamic live shows garnered the band three nominations for “Best R&B/Funk Band” at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. Over the years SOUSE has compiled an extensive library of original compositions while taking time to pay homage to their influences, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, John Coltrane and many other jazz and fusion greats. SOUSE is preparing for a return to the studio while continuing to promote their first CD. SOUSE is best experienced live and continues to perform regularly at clubs and festivals throughout the Midwest.

Hickory Robot hail from the fertile acoustic soil of Cincinnati, Ohio. The original trio of guitarist Jim Pelz, mandolinist Scott Carnder, and fiddler Lauren Schloemer came together in 2008 and by 2010 had released an album of critically-praised originals entitled "Firefly". In 2011 bassist Mike Georgin completed the quartet and a year of constant gigging resulted in a large regional following and a Cincinnati Entertainment Award nomination for Best Bluegrass Band.

In October of 2012 the band released their 2nd album, "Sawyer", to even greater acclaim, and a Cincinnati Entertainment Award nomination not only for Best Bluegrass Band for the 2nd year in a row, but also for Album of the Year. Citybeat Magazine's summation: "stellar songwriting"; "impeccable musicianship".

2013 has seen the band expand their touring territory, playing festivals and shows throughout the Midwest, opening for acts as diverse as Dr. Ralph Stanley, John Cowan, and Hot Buttered Rum, and continuing to garner praise and gather fans. As one critic pronounced, "The Robot is on the Rise!"

Mamadrones music is from the heart of Cincinnati. Their music rings with echos of Appalachian Mountain roots and old bluegrass traditionals. With songs chalk full of dynamics and harmonies, they weave a tapestry of colorful songs crafted from their American Folklore influences. Together, only since the summer of 2013, they're already sharing their music with folks all over the country such as Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Knoxville, Tennessee. With a simple, acoustic and homegrown feel, they bring life to each of their instruments and exhibit inspiring musicianship that capture and excite audiences who come to hear.

Kelly Fine and Chris Robinson have been captivating audiences in the Mid-West region for the past three years. Their soaring harmonies have silenced and tamed crowds of varying textures. Focused musicianship shines in every element of their songwriting. Young Heirlooms' name articulates their style and take on their fusioned genre. Young alludes to the modern spin on the traditional sound of folk music. Heirlooms are items or ideologies handed down from generation to generation. Young Heirlooms' music has a sound that is handed down from a bygone era, loved for its history, but remains in a new contemporary setting. A mixture of pop-folk and americana songwriting begin to describe the unique style of Young Heirlooms.

"I love it when I happen upon an unplanned supergem. That occurred at The Know Theatre’s smaller stage, where I wandered in on The Young Heirlooms’ music. From Dayton, singer/songwriter Kelly Fine is fantastic. Backed by mandolin, guitar, horns and bass, this six-piece was effortlessly bleeding out catchy, tight songs that were touching and definitely ear-grabbing. It seemed like they were having a hell of a lot of fun, and the vocals were amazing. No fancy clothes or gimmicks here, just pure talent, and I was absolutely taken with them. They gave the vibe of creative, natural artists who gelled completely. Hey, this Folk Pop symphony of sounds just worked. I would definitely buy the CD." - C.A. MACCONNELL, CityBeat

Hailing from Northern Kentucky, Lauren Houston and Heather Turner are the fuel behind the fire of Honey & Houston, which also includes multi-instrumentalist Mark Cretcher and percussionist Daniel Peterson from Cincinnati, OH. The group has been a fixture at area music festivals in 2014, including Whispering Beard Folk Festival and Buckle Up Music Festival. The ensemble blends folk, country and blues influences with great melodies and goosebump-worthy harmonies.

Heather and Lauren met in 2006 at a gig they were each playing - Heather with her band at the time, Tupelo Honey, and Lauren as a singer/songwriter. Fast friends from the start, the pair have traveled around the local music scene as well as the world. After visiting Europe, time spent in Spain inspired the two to form a band. Using Craigslist, they found Mark Cretcher who brings mandolin, banjo, lap steel and electric guitar to the table. Daniel Peterson was the drummer of Tupelo Honey and on board for the new project as well.

Honey & Houston recently completed recording their first album and are excited to share it with the world. Each song on the album has its own story, drawing from their travels, occasionally being broke, family stories, life changes and love. After an incredible year they are looking forward to the 2015 release of Barcelona. In the words of one of their songs, “Giving up is not an option!”

Daniel Wayne and the Silver Lines

Daniel's music is simple, raw, at times dark, at times inviting but always with a sense of vulnerability. Daniel has mesmerized listeners to absolute silence with a charisma and a voice that is angelic, full of power and unique.

Growing up in Cincinnati, teachers used to complain to his mother that he made weird noises in the classroom. He always had music in his head and lyrics on his mind. At the age of 8 he began writing songs and beats on a Casio keyboard his sister gave him. He played trumpet in high school in addition to making beats and writing songs on piano and guitar.

With only his guitar and his notebooks, he packed his bags and moved to Brooklyn. This Cincinnati transplant created a buzz based on his memorable songs, unique voice and powerful live performances. It wasn't long before the people of Brooklyn began to notice and took him in as one of their own. They began telling their friends and eventually industry insiders took notice.

Daniel has captivated audiences with stunning performances that have won over fans, press and music bloggers alike. He has opened for Shawn Mullins, Heartless Bastards, The Head and The Heart, Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, Suzanne Vega, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The White Buffalo, Tim Rogers, O'Death, The Handsome Family, Lights, Anna Calvi and Cold Speck among others.

Searching for the right producer, Wayne returned home to Cincinnati and began working with the legendary Brian Olive at his studio The Diamonds. They are currently finishing up his debut full-length album. The album consists of 10 songs and showcases Wayne and Olive's work as well as players from Cincinnati's smokin' hot music scene.

Songwriter Soul with a Funky kick is how Carole Walker self describes her crafted sound. Her songwriting goes far beyond convention. She weaves her lyrics into a tapestry of spoken word, poems, and heartfelt songs all wrapped in her warm powerful voice. Mike Breen "CityBeat" magazine (Cincinnati, Oh) says “Carole Walker has been equally lauded for her soulful, lilting vocal ability, which get its calling card with Be Yourself (she can somehow occasionally sound like Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Ani DiFranco and Erykah Badu in the span of one line)."

Carole is now working on her upcoming EP "Bloom”. “Bloom” a collection of songs inspired by personal growth, loss, acceptance and love. In July of 2010 Carole lost her brother/bass player Chris Walker who was also her musical partner and co-founder of the bands “Heavy Weather” and “The Walker Project”
“Music can’t heal everything but It can help you find your way back from the darkest of places” says Carole “these songs were my way of putting back the pieces of myself after what seemed like to me was back to back tragedies. The songs were more personal than I ever expected and still more songs are coming.

Carole is now about making her name on the road as a solo artist and with her band that has been a collection of bad asses from the Cincinnati music scene w ith Chris Verbanic taking the drum seat, Mike Cobb, Mike Walle and Nick Blasky all taking turns on bass.

Carole developed her guitar skills and continued to write songs. Her solo work led to the creation of “The Walker Project” (the Project) -- the second collaboration with her brother. Carole describes “The Walker Project” as ‘an acoustic soul duet.’ The Project released two self –produced CDs (Trilogy, U can be Yourself). In 2003, Carole was nominated and received the Cincinnati Music award (Cammy) for best Hip-hop vocal. Carole has shared the stage with Michelle Malone, Tracy Walker, Allison Pippitone, and the late Katie Reider. Carole’s time with Heavy Weather” with her brother/bass player Chris Walker and fronted the band with her powerful vocals. The band played an amalgamation of genres including funk, rock, soul, reggae, and pop. They opened for a number of national acts including Fishbone, Kid Rock, Merrell Saunders, MMW (Medeski, Martin and Wood), Freekbass, and Sister 7. In 1994, they were selected as the official band for the American Indian Movement Walk for Freedom national tour which began in Florida and ended with a concert on the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Heavy Weather toured extensively for 10 years receiving numerous accolades and produced three CD’s (The Difference, As My World, Live) until 2002 when they took a much deserved hiatus.

Tracy Walker has an amazing facility for finding four leaf clovers. Does that make her a lucky person? Tracy’s not entirely certain that she even believes in luck, but she clearly possesses a knack for perceiving patterns in nature that others seem to overlook. That knack extends to her musical pursuits as well and may well be the secret to her longstanding success as a contemporary singer/songwriter and the key to her third and latest album, Coetaneous Vibrations on her own label Gallimaufry Records.

Just as palpable as her ringing alto and her estimable guitar skills, there is a blazing honesty that runs through Tracy’s work, from her 1998 debut album Naked to 2003’s All This Time, and Coetaneous Vibrations undeniably reinforces that streak. Tracy doesn’t merely write and play a song, she crafts and inhabits it, as though the songs she sings are shelters from the emotional storms of the world, and sometimes Tracy’s songs are storms themselves, raging right back at the universal tempests we all face.

While maintaining a consistent presence throughout the greater Cincinnati area, Tracy has also managed to make an impression on more distant stages, appearing locally, regionally and nationally sharing the stage with Joe Cocker, O.A.R., Mitch Ryder, Melissa Ferrick, Blessid Union of Souls, Sally Taylor, Antigone Rising, R&B icon Jerry Butler and many others. She has developed a well-deserved reputation as a fierce performer whether solo, duo or with her band.

Ma Crow and The Lady Slippers

*** 3-time Nominees for the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards ***

Ma Crow and The Lady Slippers is an all-female band from Cincinnati, Ohio, and a 2013 Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominee featuring Bluegrass, Americana, and Old-time Mountain music. Ma Crow is a legendary acoustic artist in the Cincinnati area, a CAMMY (a Cincinnati Grammy) award winner, and a multi-nominee for the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

The Lady Slippers include:
Ma Crow (vocals and guitar)
Trina Emig (banjo and mandolin)
Margie Drees (vocals and fiddle)
Vicki Abbott (vocals and bass)

Each member brings decades of professional experience, creating a unique blend of superb instrumentation and vocals.

We also play many venues regularly around greater Cincinnati area including Arnolds, Fountain Square, Eden Park, the Kenton County Library, the Cincinnati Zoo as well as live radio shows at WNKU in Northern Kentucky; WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio; and WAIF in Cincinnati, Ohio to name a few.

The Lady Slippers released their second album, Memory of a Mountain, February 2014 (mixed and mastered by Ron Stewart of the Boxcars). This album received a stellar review in the August 2014 addition of Bluegrass Unlimited. The Lady Slippers released their debut album, Wayward Daughter, January, 2013. The band was featured in an article in the well-known Cincinnati arts and entertainment magazine City Beat and was one of only six bands selected to perform at the prestigious Cincinnati Entertainment Awards at the Madison Theater in November, 2011. Ma Crow’s latest CD, Smoky Junction, received a stellar review in the Cincinnati Enquirer in December, 2011, and was listed in City Beat as one of the top 100 CD’s in Cincinnati for 2011. The CD was also selected by the Cincinnati Public Library to be added to their musical inventory and was reviewed in the national publication Bluegrass Unlimited.

From ballads to bluegrass and old-time to contemporary, this beautiful acoustic music is filled with artful instrumentals and sweet mountain harmonies. This band values every show and strives to make each one special, knowing that music is a treasure and gift to be shared.

My Brother The Bear

Songwriter Daniel Bayer also known as My Brother the Bear began writing at a young age. Bayer grew up in a small neighborhood on the West-side of Cincinnati, OH in a very musical family. He recalls large "back porch" jamborees being the catalyst behind his interest in performing and writing.

In 2003 Bayer wrote, produced, engineered and performed all the instruments on his first full length album entitled "Universe." independently and began the dream of touring across the US. In 2005, discouraged with the direction of his songwriting, Bayer enlisted in the US Army, hoping to find some inspiration. In 2011 Bayer completed his service enlistment and teamed up with his brother Michael to form My Brother the Bear. After a short partnership and the release of their self-titled EP, Bayer split off from his brother. In 2013 Bayer released his full length album Ring Around the Moon to great success. The album features over 15 musicians from the Cincinnati, OH area who Bayer enlisted for this grand project.

Since 2013 Bayer has been touring the country, sharing his songs and adventures with anyone willing to listen. He has since completed a brand new album entitled Long Lessons that is a compilation of songs written and recorded over a period of 8 months of touring. Bayer currently makes his home in Decatur, Al.

Storytellers from Greater Cincinnati with distinct, Kentucky swagger. Kelly Thomas, Randy Steffen, Zach Rowe, Kevin Hogle, Chris Alley, John Schmidt.

A David Gans "solo electric" performance is likely to consist of several elements: country-blues-style fingerpicking; loop-based improvisations created live in the moment; sweetly-sung ballads, original or borrowed; Grateful Dead songs reinterpreted to suit his voice and guitar; wry observations of the music-festival subculture and the larger world; soulful and passionate political commentary; favorites from the folk-rock canon of the last 50 years. Mix and match - it's never the same show twice, but it's always worth a listen.

$20.00 - $30.00


$20 General Admission
Doors 6:30pm, Show 7:30pm

$30 VIP
VIP Doors 4pm, VIP Show 5pm*******
Includes catered food and performances from Honey and Houston and Young Heirlooms!

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