ELIXIR Album Release RUMBA!

ELIXIR Album Release RUMBA!



Weaving musical bridges that connect traditional and modern Cuban dance music with, salsa, funk, and world beat rhythms, Ola Fresca, behind the creative energy of Jose Conde, through 10 years and 2 acclaimed, award winning albums have evolved a swinging, fearless tropical sound directly from Brooklyn. Their new album “Elixir” is their lyrical and rhythmic antidote to factional bickering everywhere in the world!

Roman Diaz RUMBA Ensemble
Master Cuban percussionist Roman Diaz is a sought after authority on the Bata and a former member of legendary Yoruba Andavo who brings the genuine mesmerizing rhtyhm of rumba to life with power and charisma in his Cuban folkloric ensemble.

DJ TURMIX spinning Vinyl Salsa, Boogaloo, Mambo and more

An official Fania DJ and Barcelona native, DJ Turmix is known mostly for his vinyl boogaloo parties which have reinvigorated the scene in NYC and for his massive collection of Latin classics on wax that ramp up and rock any party he spins at!

A new Folklore Inspired Dance Choreography by ANN MAZZOCCA

Dancer, Choreographer, Scholar, and Assistant Professor of Dance at Christopher Newport University in Virginia Ann Mazzocca transcends boundaries and blends folkoric dance influences from Haiti and Cuba with modern elements in her work.


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