Riding a career spanning 15 years, the guys in Mrs. Skannotto are no strangers to their brand of third-wave ska-rock. The Rochester, NY-based six-piece just dropped its fifth studio release, a brand-spanking-new 14-track full-length effort titled All These Evolutions.

Ranging from huge-sounding choruses on tracks like the blistering opener "Just As Well" and the forceful "Lost and Found" to more mellow sounds (think RX Bandits meets The Police) on songs like "The Blame" and "Fair Weather Foe," All These Evolutions sees Mrs. Skannotto continuing to break ground even after more than a decade as a band.

A testament to the ideals of teamwork and the do-it-yourself ethos, Mrs. Skannotto is looking to continue to build upon its fanbase in 2013 while it supports its new record. The band was recently out on the road for 40+ dates with their good friends in The Toasters, and spent a chunk of 2012 on Less Than Jake's 20th Anniversary Tour with Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies, Flatfoot 56, and A Wilhelm Scream.


The politically-charged Reggae, Latin-Rock band Among Criminals, is as much about the message as they are about the music. Jarrod Pedone (drums) and Bean (bass) lay down the head-turning rhythm, while singer Ryan Gaughan uses the stage and the mic as a platform for his plea for peace. "People have to stop thinking of themselves and others as Americans, or Muslims or Christians or Black, White, whatever... To be American you need to be a HUMAN, to be Iraqi you need to be a HUMAN, to be Mexican, or Muslim or African you need to be a HUMAN. We all need to realize that we are all connected as humans, and the rest are just petty details that shouldn't provoke prejudice."

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