Evergrey is a progressive metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was founded in 1995 and released its debut album, The Dark Discovery, in 1998. After a minor hiatus the band returns with its ninth album Hymns for the Broken on 26/30 September 2014.

In the last few years, Australia's VOYAGER have attained what can only be described as a worldwide cult following. Hailed as "one of the most original and daring groups on planet", the band has battled geographical isolation to tour Europe twice, perform at ProgPower Europe 2006 and share stages with diverse acts like NIGHTWISH, STEVE VAI, SOILWORK and ALESTORM.

The band's loyal international fanbase has praised its incredibly catchy songwriting and compared its sound to a mixture of AMORPHIS' thirst for melody, SOILWORK's heaviness and the crystal vocal clarity of A-HA's Morton Harket.

Conceived in 1999 by Danny Estrin, a German-born musician, VOYAGER has 3 full-length albums under its belt, each one propelling them further into cult status as an elite progressive metal band. While "Element V" (2004) was celebrated for its uplifting variety, the band's opuses have continued on a darker path, with "uniVers" (2007) receiving critical acclaim for its melancholic and emotional side and "I am the revolution" (2009) reaching an even heavier, darker but still overwhelmingly melodic spectrum.

With an impressive history of Australian music awards, as well as many titles of "album of the month" in Romanian, Finnish, Italian, German and Belgian music press, the band's notoriety for its energetic live performances has captured audiences worldwide, so much that VOYAGER were invited to play at the prestigious PROGPOWER USA festival in 2011.

Coinciding with this is the release of VOYAGER's undeniably most refined work "The Meaning of I"; a dark, heavy, introspective, at times electronic, yet occasionally uplifting journey into the mind in search of meaning. "The Meaning of I" is a culmination of VOYAGER's sound: polished yet organic, heavy yet melodic, dark yet playful.

Together with Mark Boeijen's impeccable drumming, Alex Canion's innovative bass lines, Simone Dow and Scott Kay's virtuosic guitarwork and Danny Estrin's unique vocal style and intricate electronics and synthwork, "The Meaning of I" takes the sound of the band achieved by "I am the revolution" and leaps forward. Its melody, songwriting and structure tastefully flow through a labyrinth of emotions, perfected by the mixing and mastering work of Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK). The album is complemented perfectly by the guest vocal performances of Dan Tompkins (TESSERACT) and DC Cooper (ROYAL HUNT), the former indicating the heavy emotive direction of the band and the latter paying tribute to VOYAGER's melodic metal roots. Once again, artwork master George Grie provided the gripping cover to complete this journey into the mind.

VOYAGER's new album has found an excellent new home with elite progressive metal label SENSORY. With a worldwide release date of 11 October 2011, "The Meaning of I" promises to be a milestone in progressive music. As one reviewer said: "I don't care what you call this band: prog, metal, melodic rock or dark metal, but just call it brilliant."

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