Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Breast Cancer Prevention Benefit Concert

Big Head Todd and The Monsters

Since their formation in the mid-’80s, Big Head Todd & the Monsters (AKA BHTM, as their dedicated fans call them) have continued to evolve and explore, moving beyond their Colorado club circuit roots to become one of the most adventurous, respected and durable bands in America. Through constant touring and zeal to travel down new musical avenues in the studio, BHTM have honed their collective stew of influences into a trademark hybrid sound that’s immediately recognizable. The band has released a number of albums since 1989, including their 1993 album Sister Sweetly going platinum in the United States. With their most recent release, Black Beehive, the quartet has made its most personal and poignant album to date, a collection of new studio tracks that, says co-founder and figurehead Todd Park Mohr, “allows us to truly reach our audience through the language of the blues.”

• Todd Park Mohr – vocals, guitar, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica
• Brian Nevin – drums, percussion, vocals
• Rob Squires – bass guitar, vocals
• Jeremy Lawton – keyboards, pedal steel guitar, vocals

Paynbirds - former train members Rob Hotchkiss, Charlie Colin, and Tom Luce

Paynbirds is a newly formed band containing three original members of Train, Charlie Colin, Rob Hotchkiss and Scott Underwood, along with lead singer and songwriter from namesake LUCE, Tom Luce. These Grammy Award winning musicians are in studio producing their debut, full length CD with their first three releases available now at

Charlie Colin - Guitar, Bass, and Vocals
Rob Hotchkiss - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, and Bass
Tom Luce - Vocals and Guitar
Scott Underwood - Drums

The Ripplers

The Ripplers are an East Bay band that play rock and roll, soul, and rhythm & blues covers. Including but not limited to Bill Withers, the Beatles, Stones, Green Day, Cage the Elephant and more....
They are extremely talented musicians, playing tunes that you want to hear and they love to play.

Bruce Brophy - Lead Guitar;
Tom Duffy - Lead Vocals, Guitar:
Greg Guzaitis – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals;
Garrett Hinds - Keyboards, Vocals;
John Miller – Drums;
Mike Morehead – Bass;

$95 - $250


Proceeds from the concert support breast cancer prevention. Thank you for your support!

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