Suboi is a 25-year-old rapper and songwriter born and based in the
Vietnamese metropolis of Saigon. With introspective lyrics and a
versatile flow influenced by Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar,
Erykah Badu, and Aaliyah, she was one of the first female Vietnamese
rappers, rapping in both English and Vietnamese about the daily
triumphs and struggles of living in Vietnam. Today, she is considered
Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip Hop”, with nearly 1 million Facebook fans,
over 5,000,000 viewers collectively on YouTube and 20,000,000 hits on
Vietnam's biggest music site, Zing. However, growing up in a communist
country like Vietnam where censorship is the norm, her path as an
artist is unique, especially when her weapon of choice are words.


Sandunes is the full time electronic music project of Sanaya Ardeshir-- Mumbai based producer, composer & synth player. From early influences in jazz and blues, to a defining stint with London underground sounds, her music blends various organic and electronic elements into a hybrid zone that lies somewhere between electronica, garage and post dubstep-- tying in with a unique south asian feel.

Easier described outside the genre-box, Sandunes' live set, incorporating a range of controllers and instruments has been performed in cities across India and in Sri Lanka and Germany.

Hashback Hashish


Hari grew up in Albertslunds, a suburb of Copenhagen with a significant number of mostly Muslim visible minorities; an environment rife with gangs, drug dealers, racism, and a lot of music. In 2008, Hari's music broke in Denmark, specifically off the back a track he wrote called Klap Perker; "Klap" referring to a beat drop, and "Perker" alluding to "paki", or any one of the racist slurs thrown at him in a Denmark coming messily to grips with a "progressive" national identity. Hari was angry. And his music reflects this. Think breakcore forcefed with Punjabi dhol bangers, warped salsa insect repellent, and dubplates from a parallel Jamaican universe where PCP has replaced ganja - unpredictable, thoughtful, and totally reflective of Hari as a person.

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