Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces

Black Up is the new sonic move from Shabazz Palaces. Like rich velvet hijabs or gold threaded abayas. Luxury as understood by the modest. Shabazz Palaces. If Bedouins herded beats instead of goats and settled in Seattle instead of the Atlas Mountains, this would be their album. Forward thinkers but nostalgic for a sparer time when ancient astronomers only recognized five planets. Hip hop. Black light uses electromagnetic radiation to eradicate microorganisms, but shabazz didn’t come to kill a sound, just to shine their own incandescent lamp on this. Hear. Hard and clear. Fifty thousand years in the making. Honorable.—palaceer pink gators. Produced by Knife Knights.plcrs at Gunbeat Serenade Studio in Outplace Palacelands. It was recorded and mixed in Lixx-alog by Blood.


Eaters, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/composer Bob Jones and recording engineer and sound designer Jonathan Schenke, is an adventure in juxtaposition. On the duo's self-titled debut sprawling synth swells are punctuated by driving motorik grooves and screaming leads, relentless rhythmic sequences melt into viola drones and otherworldly textures, while fractured pop is enveloped by washes of white noise and spat back out again. Lyrics about love and life are processed to the edges of humanity.

Eaters (now joined by glass sculptor/installation artist Christopher Duffy) have shared the stage with acts ranging from Dan Deacon and !!! to Parquet Courts and Protomartyr, and performed at MoogFest 2014. Their self-titled debut is out now on Driftless Recordings / Dull Tools.

"It's as though Eaters found a hidden path in the mainframe of machine music that leads to an emotional core thought impossible in the metal cogs and live wires." - Impose

"The textures on Eaters are beautiful: Grim and subdued but so rich you could raise tomatoes in them." - Pitchfork


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