Roddy Radiation

Roddy Radiation

Roddy Radiation (born Roderick James Byers, 5 May 1955 in Keresley, England) is an English musician who played lead guitar for The Specials, as well as many rockabilly bands such as the Bonediggers and the Tearjerkers. Currently Radiation leads The Skabilly Rebels, a band that mixes ska rhythms with rockabilly.

Roderick James Byers, better known as "Roddy Radiation", is The Specials' lead guitarist and lead singer of his own band the Skabilly Rebels. "Radiation" Byers is well known for playing on classics such as "Concrete Jungle" and "Hey Little Rich Girl" and writing hits such as "Rat Race", which helped to create the groundbreaking 2 Tone sound. Byers has experience playing with a series of rockabilly and ska-billy bands including The Tearjerkers, The Bonediggers and most recently, The Skabilly Rebels.

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