Weeknight DJ set

Weeknight DJ set

Following the success of last year's debut LP Post-Everything, WEEKNIGHT, the New York duo consisting of Andy SImmons and Holly MacGibbon, took a break to create two hauntingly beautiful tracks. Both tracks showcase the duo's ability to emulate their dark-synth influences while creating tracks with their signature contrastingly melodic vocals woven thoughout hard beats and dreamscape guitar work. They now announce the release of a special cassette single, In The Dust, out April 21st on Dead Stare Records

Weeknight hops between genres effortlessly, creating an evocative mystique with lingering vocals and plucked solos. Truly mastering the ability to mix, Weeknight delivers a glorious phantasm to lose yourself in. Static synth lines bubble between the knocking beat of the drum, nudging you into an ephemeral trance. With each effort, Weeknight truly push the envelope, bringing audiences a dreamlike atmosphere.

Courtship Ritual

Nothing in the world right now sounds as perfect as Courtship Ritual. The duo make woozy pop music that's somewhere between mid-period Cocteau Twins and the chilly minimalism of the XX. "Beautifully lethargic" is how FADER's Emilie Friedlander described "Wild Like Us", their debut single on Godmode. Courtship Ritual are Jared Olmsted and Monica Salazar, who live in Brooklyn. Their debut LP is slated for mid 2014.


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