Punk Rock Karaoke Featuring: Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks), Stan Lee (The Dickies), Steve Soto (Agent Orange) Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion, D.I., Agent Orange)

Punk Rock Karaoke

Simple...we have sign up sheet at venue. Pick your song,we give you lyrics.When your song is called,come up and join the band!
No,we can't play every punk song from 1867 to present day.
We hand pick our favorites from 1983 back to when dinosaurs pogoed along side with the punkers.

- Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks): Guitar
- Stan Lee (The Dickies): Guitar
- Edward Tater (D.I.): Bass
- Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion, D.I., Agent Orange): Drums



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