The Shondes, Julie of the Wolves, Hailey Wojcik

The Shondes

Before The Shondes' fourth album The Garden (Exotic Fever) cracked the seal on the mainstream for the band, front woman Louisa Rachel Solomon said it was "an album about growing up." She had no idea how right she was. After its release they experienced a game-changing wave of critical praise, and got the opportunity to go on a national tour supporting punk legends Against Me! The scrappy, heart-on-their-
sleeves rock band has truly come into its own, and will kick off 2015 with a headlining national tour, supported by indie goth darling Hailey Wojcik.

When USA Today's POP CANDY debuted the video for their single On Your Side, the author said the song "hits close to home" and that she was "reassured to know smart punk bands were still out there, blending their passions for activism and bombastic sounds." The band is well-known for taking political stances and this year was no exception, with the DC Jewish Community Center banning them for speaking out about the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and plenty of community outrage in response, many calling it "blacklisting." Subsequently, violinist Elijah Oberman and singer Louisa Solomon were honored to join the Artists' Council of Jewish Voice for Peace.

"Riot-grrrl furor, arena bombast and klezmer stomp." –Rolling Stone

"Giddy garage melodics with a Sleater-Kinney twist." –Entertainment Weekly

"Radical politics, power-pop melodies, traditional Jewish music, & punk vitriol." –Pitchfork

Julie of the Wolves

Salena Filichia, Stephanie Gary, Becca Lindsay and Carrie Neumayer - Noise Pollution Records - Louisville, KY

Hailey Wojcik

Songwriter. Singer. Queer femme. Zookeepers' kid. Canine enthusiast.

***New EP, "Book of Beasts" coming soon!***


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