Lindsey Saunders

Lindsey Saunders

Emerging artist Lindsey Saunders impacted the 2013 national indie music scene after releasing her debut EP Nothing Normal in October 2012 at the age of 18. Her association with Broadstroke enabled collaboration with notable artists such as Lisa Harriton (Smashing Pumpkins), Jason Ganberg, Gayle Day, Ido Sasson andAlex Balderston. Llindsey toured extensively with and witout her band in 2013 with notable solo performances in New York at the CMJ Music Marathon), Chicago at historic venues like Reggies Music Joint, and Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles.

The Youngest

Based out of La Grange, Texas, The Youngest reaches a middle-ground somewhere in the center of Folk, Rock, Americana, Country, and Blues. Blending various educations and influences, The Youngest has a sound that is both classic and refreshing. Their elements of well-crafted vocal harmonies, ruminative songwriting, and instrumental virtuosity are all promenantly displayed on their debut album Feral Road that was released October 3, 2014. Since Feral Road's release, the band's rapid growth has been fueled by a 35 stop tour of the midwest, and plans of a larger tour beginning February 2015 covering everything west of Texas.

The Constant Tourists

In the latest of a string of recent appearances in Denver nightlife venues, area band the Constant Tourists will be on stage at your establishment tonight to entertain their fans and fans-to-be.

The group performs all original tunes featuring acoustic guitar, layered vocal harmonies, accordion, mandolin, cello, trumpet, occasional kazoo, and tap dancing embellishments. Their eclectic style bridges genres ranging from Latin to Irish, Pop to Jazz, taking the audience on a musical tour through a worldly landscape of sound.

The Tourists were born in 2005 on a cool autumn night in Medford, Oregon following a fiery open-mic performance by lead singer and guitar player, Nathan Sanchez. After the show, a ravishing young songwriter, singer, and instrumentalist named Cassie approached him about making music together. Soon they were writing and performing together regularly, and it wasn't long before they were married.

Through their love story, the Tourists were born. Since, the duo has pressed three albums; the debut was dubbed "Postcards." Each of two follow-up records were recorded with different third-man, lead guitarists. Today, the group is five members. Joel contributes lead and rhythm mandolin and vocal harmonies. On cello, Rebecca brings a smooth and virtuosic backbone to the sound. R e s i d e n t c l o g g e r / t a p d a n c e r Adrienne, adds a percussive dance element to the music. Now, the Constant Tourists frequent venues in Denver such as Paris on the Platte, The Mercury Café, Summit Music Hall, and D'Note in Olde Town Arvada

Check out the Constant Tourists for yourself. You won't regret it.



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