World Party

World Party

Karl Wallinger is bringing his band World Party to America next month and including a stop at Rams Head in Annapolis.

Wallinger, the former Waterboys keyboardist who made five more-or-less terrific Beatles-y/Stones-y/Dylan-y World Party albums from 1987 - 2000, suffered a brain aneurysm in 2001. "It's a bit crap when your head explodes," Karl told MOJO in the September '12 issue. "It took four years to be back properly...I had to re-learn things because my eyesight is f*@#'d. For a while I couldn't see the end of the guitar so I was playing quite a few jazz chords. And now I can't see my right hand on the piano unless I look very strangely to the right."

Eyesight problems aside, Wallinger has made an otherwise complete recovery. In April of 2012 he released Arkeology, a 5-disc World Party rarities set, that also includes a couple new tunes and he is currently working on a new album.

Gabriel Kelley

Gabriel Kelley's debut album "It Don't Come Easy" is a testament to his personal belief that anything worth striving for will require all you have to give. Coming out of a six-year stint in the Nashville song-writing machine, Kelley sees his new album album as a new beginning. It delivers an acoustic-driven portrait from the heart in simple, honest form, but with the power of a great studio band and a cinematic sound.



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