On the heels of their 40 date European tour, Helmet are pleased to announce a tour of the United States in
February 2015. The band will be playing their critically lauded 1994 Betty album from start to finish,
followed by a second set spanning the entirety of Helmet's catalog.
Billed as the "thinking man's metal band," Helmet provided an alternative to the grunge bands of the time
with their clean cut aesthetic and raw, unrelenting, propulsive sound. Betty came on the trails of the band's
first mainstream success, 1992's Meantime. The cut "Milquetoast" became a music video staple on MTV
and the album was critically praised for its genre-defying exploration into jazz, blues and improvisation. As
music writer Darrell Bassett wrote upon the album's release, "The thump and grind of Betty fully reflects
the seemingly meaningless forces that shape our hi-tech existences, the inner pressure that waxes and wanes
as life's pace explodes exponentially and its occasional moments of grace. Betty is a surprising album, one
which grows as it unfolds its subtleties." A prophetic statement if ever there was one.
"Helmet made rhythmically complex steely-riffed alterna-metal that punished your body from weird
angles…" – Rolling Stone
"Helmet have carved – or, rather, bludgeoned – a niche as primary exponents of pummeling, monolithic,
heavy guitar-rock. The sheer size and power of their sound dwarfs all but the most extreme of hardcore
bands, but there's a precision to Helmet's sound that sets them apart." – Time Off Magazine (1994 Betty
album review)

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