Flirt! A Night of Belly Dance and Jazzy Serenade


// Flirt! A Night of Belly Dance and Jazzy Serenade //

On THURSDAY February 12th, Atlas Maior is teaming up with belly dancer group, The Sahara Belly Dancers, and jazz groups WD-41 and The Brazilian Space Program for a romantic evening of belly dance and jazz.


The Sahara Belly Dancers 9:30-10:15
Atlas Maior 10:30-11:30
WD-41 + Brazilian Space Program 11:45-1:00am

The Sahara Belly Dancers:

The Sahara Dancers are a collective of the Austin Bellydance Community. Representing the Sahara Dancers for this show are April Rose and Rose Movement Studio, Rania Kandil, Angela Nations Sparks, Jamie Lynn Sheldon, Jeanette, Lisa La Mar, Liora, and Sahhira of Typsy Gypsys.

Atlas Maior:

Sari Andoni (oud) at the helm in for Charlie Lockwood
Joshua Thomson (woodwinds)
Theodore Cesar Capaning Camat (drums)



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