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"JOVANTAES are Lexington, Kentucky. They emerge from (and possibly define) my town's peculiar skate/Kraut/nihil/garage axis, evoking the smell of stale Miller High Life and burning couches: stumbling match-grip surf rolls, howling chorused-out guitar, droning Adderall haze, and a singer who makes Will Shatter sound like Scott Walker. Imagine Moolah playing at a beach party on the edge of the Kentucky River, big gray globs of unidentifiable garbage drifting silently past and the dense wet air becomes gridlocked with mosquitoes" - Trevor Tremaine (Hair Police)

New Bravado

In the Spring of 2012, a common interest to play their instruments louder than they were elsewhere brought four musicians together in a practice space in Louisville, KY. Soon thereafter they called themselves New Bravado. Drawing on their common interests and inspirations from all forms of early rock; from blues to post rock, and most points in between, they began writing all original songs. After a few weeks of rehearsal they booked their first show. One year after their inception, their debut EP, Unconscious Afternoon, was released to a celebrated arrival by local magazines, bloggers, and venue goers. It shows a young band laying the groundwork for a big, lyrical and guitar-driven, fundamentally psych rock sound while leaving doors open for other directions, nuances, and 'sub-genres' in its casual freedom.

Enter 2014. With new material in the making since their debut release in the Spring of 2013, New Bravado is at it again. The band is working hard in hopes to release their first full-length mid-2014. The new record is to be more dynamic across the board both in its songwriting and its engineering, as well as having more space both in the structure of songs and in literally sounding like spaceships in parts. To get a preview of the upcoming album, the band has released a cassette single entitled "Sol Similar" through Louisville, KY label, Gubbey Records, as part of Record Store Day 2014.

The Screaming Hand



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