Foxygen and Star Power is the Los Angeles songwriting duo of 24-year-olds Sam France and Jonathan Rado. In May 2011, France and Rado nervously handed off a CD-R of this homemade mini-opus Take the Kids Off Broadway (Jagjaguwar, 2012) to producer and visionary Richard Swift after his performance in a Lower East Side club. The duo, who had just mixed and burned the disc that very night, had been devotees of Swift's outsider-pop oeuvre since high school, when they first began recording their own pubescent forays into oddball rock n' roll (At least a dozen records were finished before they graduated high school).

Foxygen left the venue that night unsure whether Swift would truly listen or sling the disc into a dumpster on his way out. You're reading this right now because Swift did listen. In fact, he fucking flipped for Foxygen's bugged out, esoteric majesty and called upon them immediately to say as much. Eight months later, Foxygen was holed up for a week-long recording session at Swift's neo-legendary National Freedom studio, creating what became their breakthrough, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (Jagjaguwar, 2013), a precocious and cocksure joyride across California psychedelia.

2013 saw the mercurial success of 21st Century, and with it, heightened demands for tour planning, added press days, demands on resources, the sacrifice of personal relationships, and the indefinite delay of recording plans. The quick-fire success made for an altogether turbulent 2013 for the band. Foxygen's always captivating live performances shifted from eruptive to sometimes frightening — and then, just put on ice altogether. But at the close of 2013, France and Rado found secret sanctuary in their new studio, Dream Star, and holing up in some of LA's most famous hotels for more recording. Writing music together is what their friendship has always thrived upon. At Dream Star in the northernmost passage of LA's valley, they reformed as a punk band called Star Power. And the result, the svelte, 82-minute …And Star Power, is a morphing, splice-and-paste journey through soft rock indulgences, psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, D&D doomrock, and paranoid bathroom rompers. Foxygen, now expanded into a 9-piece touring machine as Star Power, calls the album "a cinematic, auditory adventure for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees, and misfits…the radio station you can only hear if you believe."

Alex Cameron

I am Alex Cameron, musician, delivery man and clerk. Let's just say between you and me I been around the block. I know how the music biz works inside out. I seen the people on the inside and the poor suckers on the outside. I know the whole friggen plotline through and through. So I'm sorry to break it to you but the whole thing is kaput. You know how many damn labels I sent my record to? At least eight. And not a damn one wanted to release my record. Me? I think it's the best thing I done ever. But you can let yourself be the judge of that. Which is why I have decided to allow you, the reader, to download my first full length debut album for free - online - Brought to you by own small business: Crawfish. Now don't get so friggen excited all at once. It's only for a limited time. I have decided how long it will be for but I have chosen not to make that information public. Let's just say you should get it now before I take it down or change my mind. I am very likely to change my mind.

Also on this website I have my own written works. They are short pieces about my life and about the friends I have in my life and thoughts I have on things like that. So please read them if you like to read and laugh about friends and whatnot. I am also a journalist so I will be conducting modern investigations into hot topics like style, fashion, medical emergencies, and natural disasters and drug use (and ignorant politicians and Government!?).

But this is not just about me. This is also about my band. My hot band. They are a group of fellers I put together from seeing them at pubs and from online. They are just the best bunch of hard workin' guys any of you could ask for. And I got a shit hot live set. So here on the website you will also find information on them and how to contact them for work in your own weddings or funeral services after parties/wake.

What more can I say? I can sit here and type all day, but what you should really do is scroll down to find more information and photos and links. Cheers.

The Olympics

The Olympics are an Iowa City based indie rock group that makes high energy music cloaked in darker pop melodies. With one EP and one full-length album under their belts, they have spent the past year creating their forthcoming album with Imagine Dragons producer Brandon Darner. Little Village Magazine boasts "The Olympics is one of the most prominent bands in Iowa today." while DSM Shows claims "...the show they put on was absolutely pure, unfiltered magic."

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