Gripin was formed in the year 2000 and has 4 band members. Birol Namoglu on vocals, Arda Inceoglu on bass and keyboards, Murat Basdogan on guitars and Ilker Balic on drums. They compose and write all their own music which is in the pop-rock genre.

Gripin have performed at many festivals with internationally known musicians and bands like ‘Cake’, ‘Shed 7’, ‘Reamonn’, ‘Myslovitz’, ‘Placebo’, ‘Skin’, ‘Evanescence’, ‘Travis’, ‘Skunk Anansie’, ‘Franz Ferdinand’, ‘Manic Street Preachers’, ‘Within Temptation’, ‘Badly Drawn Boy’ and many more. Also they performed at rock bars, including the most famous one in Istanbul ‘Bronx Bar’ every Saturday night for four years.

2011 – Hurriyet Altın Kelebek “2010 Best Group of the Year” Award.
2011 – Trt Müzik Ödülleri “2011 Best Group of the Year” Award.
2012 – TGY “2012 Best Group of the Year” Award.
2012 - TEMADER “2012 Best Group of the Year” Award.

The last 2 years have been an immensely busy time with over 200 performances at concerts, university festivals and large tours (Mercedes, KocFest, Rock n’ Coke, Universiade..) not only all around Turkey, but also in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus and Switzerland) and Azerbaijan.
The band will release their long-awaited new album in October of this year, with preparations of a world tour including Europe, Australia and the USA.

Late last year, Los Angeles-based world music/rock band Twenty7 was named one of the top unsigned bands by respected trade publication MUSIC CONNECTION, and early this year, the band's "No Chemical Love" from their Papatya EP was nominated for Best Indie Rock Song at the Artists in Music Awards. At one of America’s largest music and art festivals, Twenty7 won the 2012 Burning Man Award out of 348 awards given out to artists and musicians for excellence, inspiration, and beauty. Now, Twenty7 is breaking into the movies as their single "Second Mind" is featuring in the recently-debuted film ABOUT CHERRY, starring James Franco and Heather Graham.


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