Camm Hunter (of Down With Webster)

My name is CAMM HUNTER. I rap, write, produce, and sometimes sing when I'm in the mood.
Also I'm 1/5 of the band Down With Webster. Get to know me

For Toronto-based rapper Jutes, good music and happiness have always gone hand in hand. His eclectic musical tastes and positive mindset has resulted in people of all ages and backgrounds getting on board with his unique style that blurs the lines between hip-hop, pop, rock, electronic, and alternative. On any given track, listeners are drawn into Jutes' world as he shares his slacker-friendly philosophies through catchy melodies and soaring harmonies before switching gears into searing fast rap.
When it's show time, Jutes hits the stage with his longtime friend and guitarist Rubber Buzzard, creating an energetic and involving live presence that reinforces their genre defying sound. The album Breadcrumbs truly showcases the evolution of Jutes and Rubber Buzzard's song writing skills, and is further polished by the mixing and mastering magic of previous Juno's winner Dan Weston. Breadcrumbs is a statement of the JutesFam's pursuit of happiness and a life lived for music, and is summed up in the lyrics of the title track: "So I'm off on this trail into the unknown, leaving my pieces behind, leaving my mark on the globe, even if I find what I'm looking for I don't wanna lose my way home."



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