Fletcher C Johnson, The Blind Pets, Las Rosas, Dirty Few

Fletcher C Johnson

Fletcher may have established his roots playing with King Tuff, but his own material truly reflects his rock ‘n roll pedigree. Starting off sounding like “The Ballad of John and Yoko” being covered by the International Submarine Band, “Happy Birthday” establishes itself as a nostalgic amalgamation of 60s stylists playing a house party, as the vocals kick in with “When the dance has barely started / and the cops are at the door…” But where most of today’s groups convey a good time through recklessness, Fletcher sings with measured, joyful observance and a subdued compliance.

The Blind Pets

Rock 'n' roll faith-healers the Blind Pets, known for their show-stopping live gigs where frontman Joshua Logan jumps into the crowd wrestles his Gibson SG into sonic oblivion, have long been a spark plug in the engine of Austin's underground music scene. Their working-class sound, recalling both the frantic guitar pop of Thee Oh Sees and the classic rock hooliganism of the Eagles of Death Metal, demonstrates conviction to the holy trinity of heavy guitar, bass, and drums that'll make you a believer again.

Las Rosas

Las Rosas are tres hombres. That's ZZ Top for three dudes. Jose Boyer is a Mexican from Mexico. He used to play bass in a band called Harlem who had a pretty cool LP on a pretty cool label called Matador. After going on a psychedelic journey brought on by consuming some bad shellfish he decided that he was done with bass and wanted to play guitar and sing. He immediately called up his long-time musical collaborator and relaxation aficionado, Christopher "Fort" Lauderdale and asked him if he wanted hit some drums. He did. Still in need of a bassist Jose and Christopher scoured OK Cupid for nearly 45 minutes. That's when they came upon Jose Aybar. Even though he was Dominican they still liked him. Not only did Jose A. share the same name as Jose B., but he also plays with Brooklyn lifer/legends Wild Yaks and does an amazing Denzel Washington impression. This seemed cool to Jose B. and Christopher. So they asked him out and it got serious. They released a self-titled EP, and followed it up with a cassette tape called "Flowers In The Sun" on Burger Records. Pretty cool.
--Jay Green

Dirty Few

we're a party garage rock band in denver that loves your mom! we're playing tons of rad shows this year just got off tour and plan on gettin back out there sooon!!



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