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Gesaffelstein aka Mike Levy stands apart from the current techno scene in Paris. At the mo- ment when techno and dubstep are producing new heroes amongst a handful of French DJs, Mike Levy has chosen a different route for his musical expression. His energizing techno, dark and obsessional, works the dance-floor yet at the same time continues to mine emotional landscapes and powerful atmospheres.

Born in Lyon in 1985 – the year that saw the birth of Chicago House (Marshall Jefferson's 'Move Your Body') and legendary releases by electronic new wave and EBM (Electronic Body Music) artists like 'No Shuffle' by Front 242 – it was in fueling his musical references from the 90s that this young French producer infused his dance music and remixes (for Cassius, Lana Del Rey, Moby, Rebotini, ZZT or Boys Noize..) with a particular tension. Inspired by Kraftwerk but also electronic music born from Punk and New Wave, Gesaffelstein mixes current techno with cutting rhythms and dissonant tones from pioneers like DAF, Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb; a kind of 'dance metal'.

July 2012 sees Gesaffelstein releasing a two tracks EP, 'Rise Of Depravity' on Bromance Re- cords, the independent imprint of Brodinski and Manu Barron. Track one 'Depravity' rides on twisted keyboards and despotic synths while floor-killer track two 'Belgium' plays homage to the Belgian creative scene in the where in the 80s and early 90s, new forms of electronic jac- king hypnotized crowds.

Flat White (Virgil Abloh)

Feral is an Oakland-based band formed in the tradition of The Knitters, Patsy Cline, Mischief Brew, Ramshackle Glory, and Billy Bragg. Full of piss, vinegar, and bonafide heart-on-your-sleeve heartbreak, with a penchant for duets and upright basslines that bust holes through the wall, this trio is writing doomed waltzes and toxic two steps to remind you of why you fell in love... And why you started drinking... All at the same time.

Formed in late 2013, Feral is Cindy Emch (Rhubarb Whiskey, Vagabondage, Sinners Tonic, OWDU), Norman Carley (Jerk Church), and Ed Cagnacci (Officer Down). They are currently working on their first album and have been featured on Couch by Couchwest 2014. You can preview their album at

Feral the bandname was born of a quote by touring musician, the Juno-nominated Carolyn Mark, who, while drinking at the homestead of Emchy, declared "touring musicians are Feral" - it did not take long for this to become an obvious moniker for an awesome musical project.

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