Rebecca Pronsky

Rebecca Pronsky

Witness: Hillary’s Song Cycle: Imagining the inner world of Hillary Clinton after November 8, 2016.

In the weeks following the election, Hillary Clinton all but disappeared. She went from being one of the most visible people in the world to someone who barely updated her Twitter account. During that silent period, musician Rebecca Pronsky, heartbroken from Hillary’s defeat, was consumed with intense feelings of empathy for Hillary and worry. What was Hillary doing? What was she thinking? Was she going to be okay?

Rebecca began writing songs from Hillary’s point of view, a musical monologue of Clinton’s life during that mysterious time. The result is “Witness: Hillary’s Song Cycle”, a 7 song concept album that imagines the inner world of one woman coming to terms with a new reality. In “Witness” we follow Hillary Clinton as she goes for walks in the woods, wrestles with the voices of her doubters, dances in her living room barefoot, and swears... a lot. Her emotional state travels from disbelief to depression, rage to grief, and acceptance to, ultimately, hope.

TimeOut New York calls Rebecca Pronsky’s songwriting “literate, passionate and wry” and that’s never been more true than on “Witness,” where she channels pain, politics, humor, and feminism into one record.

“Witness” was recorded with an all female creative team and will be performed tonight with the wonderful women musicians who appear on the recording: Deidre Rodman Struck (piano), Viva DeConcini (guitar), Mary Feaster (bass), Heather Wagner (drums), plus special guests.



General Admission Seated || *Please note, there is a $10 drink minimum for this show* 

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