LEGACY OF THE WITCH: A SLUTIST FEMINIST FESTIVAL SOLD OUT: Gospel of the Witches, Azar Swan, Delphic Oracle, Chicava HoneyChild, The Reverend Mother Flash, Severely Mame, Minx Arcana, Pam Grossman

Gospel of the Witches

KARYN CRISIS is a name worthy of more praise and attention. While select circles of people know and appreciate her prior vocals with the critically-acclaimed Crisis from 1993-2006, many are still naive to her influence and impact. This demure girl raged harder than many men slugging it out with impactful live performances at hardcore and metal shows screaming oftentimes like a demon, others singing like an angel. She led the way and has become an influence for female-fronted extreme bands. And then she disappeared… until now. Karyn returns with her stellar new project, KARYN CRISIS’ GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES, and a fabulous new album, Salem’s Wounds, on Century Media Records (March 2015). Featuring Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), Ross Dolan (Immolation), Mike Hill (Tombs), and Charlie Schmid (Tombs).

Brooklyn's Azar Swan were catapulted into the spotlight toward the end of last year after lighting up blogs across the globe with their debut track 'Amrika'. Founding members Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn have stepped out of the shadows once more with 'Lusty', a pulsating three minute slog through swells of frighteningly resonant percussion and ominous bass rumbles.

The spectre of their past incarnation as an instrumental ensemble appears at the midway point; distorted whirrs of synthesizer and hollow industrial clanks come to the fore, gripping at Zohra's ghostly pipes and squeezing out the kind of twisted, tribal incantations perfected by These New Puritans on Hidden.

Delphic Oracle

Delphic Oracle is the moniker of musician, writer, fashion designer, and artist Christiana Key. Hailing from Florida, she moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, via London, 8 years ago. Classically trained in violin, piano, and voice from an early age, she left the Classical Music program at UNF to pursue her interests in punk, rock, electronic, and experimental music. She began recording from her bedroom in 2006 and joined Cult of Youth in 2009, and Zola Jesus in 2012, as a touring member. She has completed recording her first solo EP with Patrick Canaday of Gemini Stereo in Atlanta, GA, to be released Spring 2013. She is also working on the score for Carlos Ledesma's new film, "White Hidden Fire".

Additionally, she has been fortunate enough to collaborate with members of Santigold and …And They Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead, Mercury Rev, Jim Sclavounos (the Bad Seeds), Will Berman (MGMT), Smith Westerns, Hopewell, Backworld, Love As Laughter, Vietnam, Religious to Damn, Linfinity, The Quiet Celebrations, Las Venus, and Skindrink; in addition to a number of producers including Henry Hirsch, Chris Coady, and Kevin McMahon.

Outside of Delphic Oracle, Christiana is the director of the Williamsburg Women's Music Association, founder of Crow Handsel (a quarterly publication), a volunteer at NY Youth at Risk, actress, artist, stylist, fashion designer, and spiritualist.

Chicava Honeychild

Chicava HoneyChild is the Proprietress of Brown Girls Burlesque, Sacred Burlesque and BGB's Broad Squad Institute. Chicava is a disciple of vocal jazz with a background in Speech Level Singing. She received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College her areas of interest being performance art, women of color in burlesque heritage, and sacred sexuality and spirituality. She is working on a documentary on the legacy of Women of Color in burlesque.
Follow her on Twitter for updates at https://twitter.com/ChicavaHoney

The Reverend Mother Flash


Sold Out

Legacy of the Witch is a feminist music, art and burlesque festival put on by the sex positive feminist website Slutist in honor of its 2nd anniversary. Historically, women who challenged the patriarchal status quo were branded as witches similar to the way women who appear to deviate from societal norms are labeled “sluts” today. We hope to bring these parallel discourses to light over the course of one magick night. Link: www.slutist.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/slutist Twitter: www.twitter.com/slutist

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