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Wheelchair Sports Camp

Wheelchair Sports Camp is Denver's biggest smallest band! Fronted by the disabled, wheelchair bound MC/producer/activist Kalyn, the band is a combination of live and electronic instruments with a more live, jazzy, noisey, funky, combination to the traditional hip-hop group. Their unconventional setup of live instruments and Kalyn's produced beats presents a polished sound with old-school lyrics that maintain a sarcastic yet independent and heavy consciousness. She's light enough to carry, compact enough to hide under a winter coat and is sometimes mistaken for a child. But Kalyn, who has the brittle-bone disability osteogenesis imperfecta, is hardly innocent, precious, or inconspicuous. The band has been featured on the cover of the Village Voice as well as in SPIN Magazine, VICE, Huffington Post, High Times Magazine and more.

The band unknowingly started in the summer of 1997 when Kalyn moved back from Burbank, CA to her Denver hometown and was invited to attend and corrupt the 14th annual week-long Wheelchair Sports Camp. The band tours the states and beyond from their home in Denver, Colorado.

-peace, poop, protest

Rubedo has discovered the art of time travel. By means of synthesizer, ritualized drum patterns, sacred guitar riffs and vocals of clairvoyance Rubedo frontiers the leading edge of Transgressive Synth Pop. Ikey Owens (of The Mars Volta, Jack White Band) often performs alongside this 3 piece rock band and produced both "Massa Confussa" (2012) and their most recent album "Love Is The Answer" (2014)

Love Is the Answer may sound like a hippie platitude but with Rubedo it is a simple formula for salving the ails of the modern psyche without telling you how that has to look, the form it has to take and without suggesting a timeframe. Rather, it is a fundamental statement of everyday spiritual solidarity with the struggles of being alive and a subtle but powerful act of kindness given from that tranquil place in all of us we must cultivate in these troubled times.


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CHISME was born of back alley whispers and the heavy San Antonio night air. Their narrative hip hop inspires a riddled stir in your gut. A red bird whistle in the hour that no bird sings. It's an uneasiness left by the nightmare already forgotten. Lingering smoke in the form of a beckoning finger. Storytellers, simply the truth left untold.


Father,Husband, & MC .that's pretty much it.

$7.00 - $10.00


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