Testify ATX: Expecting

Testify ATX

Everyone has a story. Testify is a monthly show featuring performers telling personal stories live on stage. Each month has a different theme that ties together stories that span the human experience.


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"Just because it's not what you were expecting, doesn't mean it's not everything you've been waiting for."

New Years Resolutions are all about setting expectations and goals for the New Year. This month, we are sticking to our resolution to keep bringing you the best story performances in TX!

Our show this month is collection of performances traversing the definition of "expecting" and "expectations" on a myriad of physical and emotional levels. Tales of love won and lost, mommies to be (or not to be), haunted pasts and less than Great Expectations are brought to you by this month's performers:

Leigh Ann Torres
Michael Abelman
Kacey Samiee
Carol Ramsey
Jim Brimble

This month we are also excited to bring you LIVE musical performances by D. Lindsay Nailling!


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