Grand Lake Islands

Grand Lake Islands

Grand Lake Islands is a collective led by songwriter, Erik Emanuelson. The project again in New York City as an evening pastime while Emanuelson was teaching English, recording “Wake of Waking” in 2012. As his songs grew stronger, he left his teaching career to focus on music, moving across the country to Portland, Oregon. There he met collaborators Bob Reynolds (drums), Evan Krogh (guitar/lap steel), Kyle Hartelt (bass), and most recently Joseph Anderson (keys/bass).

Grand Lake Islands’ forthcoming LP, Song From Far was produced by Victor Nash at Destination Universe in Portland. It was recorded following a highly productive period of collaboration between Emanuelson, Reynolds, Hartelt, and Krogh during Portland’s bleakest months. The songs reflect a period following a sea change in Emanuelson’s life, more than half of which would emerge from two months of long nights in Emanuelson’s dank, unheated basement rehearsal space.

Emanuelson’s expressive tenor recalls ghosts of Nashville Skyline era Dylan and delivers lyrics soaked in metaphor and stark emotional landscapes. Themes of isolation and uncertainty are echoed in songs like “Silver Moon” where he sings, “Emergency red and outdated, with an ear to an unplugged phone, pacing around and waiting for that old dial tone”. Yet other songs such as “Atlantic/Pacific” and “Monterey” evoke a kind of carefree lightness. Recorded mostly live, the album’s synchronized energy feels cohesive as it moves from extremes of ethereal texture to more straightforward hazy folk-country grooves. The songs break into wide-open brightness with sparkling guitar, swelling lap steel, and a pulsing backbeat before being swallowed up again by interludes of dark, aerial, nearly distorted tones. With one eye to the darkness drifting over one horizon and one eye on the light coming over the other, Song From Far is a snapshot of a sky in motion.

Future Historians

Portland-based Future Historians play an undeniably distinct style of rock, bursting with hooks and dancing between jaunty rave-ups and moments of orchestral elegance. Electric guitars slide seamlessly into atmospheric explorations and rich vocal harmonies. On stage the members of the band bounce around with barely restrained grins, reflecting the sometimes sinister revelry that saturates the music.

Jackson Boone & The Ocean Ghosts

Jackson Boone is a songwriter born and raised in the misty magic of Portland Oregon. His Debut 12" Lp "Starlit" is out now via Chicago Indie Label~~ Wet Lettuce Records. "Starlit" is a lush & modern 9 track Art Rock Album. Acclaimed by both Willamette Week & Portland Mercury as one of the best psych albums to come out of Portland this year. Boone's sophomore LP "Natural Changes" was recorded in a beach house on the Oregon Coast & was released on 12" Vinyl/CD/Cassette in spring of 2015.



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