The 78 Project

The 78 Project

The 78 Project is on a journey across America to make one-of-a-kind 78rpm records
with musicians in their hometowns using a 1930s Presto direct-to-disc recorder –
with one microphone and just one blank disc in one 3-minute take. Along the way, a
kaleidoscope of technologists, historians and craftsmen from every facet of field
recording – Grammy-winning producers, 78 collectors, curators from the Library of
Congress and Smithsonian – provide insights and history. In Tennessee, Mississippi,
California, Louisiana, the folk singers, punk rockers, Gospel and Cajun singers in the
film share their lives through intimate performances, and find in that adventure a
new connection to our cultural legacy. Featuring musical performances by Victoria
Williams, John Doe, John Reilly & Tom Brousseau, Sea of Bees, the Easy Leaves, Little
Wings and more!

Director: Alex Steyermark. 2014. Digital. 80 minutes.


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