NY Gypsy All-Stars & Sherita

NY Gypsy All-Stars

Nuyorbalkan: New York Gypsy All-Stars Jump the Turnstiles of Balkanalia, Turkish Roots, and Gypsy Soul with Funky Refinement

A Greek bassist ducked into a little bar in New York's Alphabet City and heard the Eastern Mediterranean and Southern Balkans pouring across the packed room. The clarinet was keening and singing, and he knew every tune.

From this blown-away moment of discovery, the New York Gypsy All-Starssprang, uniting bi-musical virtuosi raised on the lush sounds of Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, and American roots and forged in the halls of the world's best music schools. With composerly ears and a madcap relish for ill and crunky sounds, the quintet of crack musicians tears through the tollgates separating the region's interlocking roots on the long-awaited album of original pieces, Romantech (Traditional Crossroads) and on tour in February with concerts in cities including Chicago and NYC.


Sherita, named for a pink, fossil fuel dinosaur whose portrait has adorned a Brooklyn billboard since the 1970s, gathers inspiration from the sounds of bygone eras to create music that is alive in the present moment. Through exploration of the acoustic traditions of the Balkans and the Near East, Sherita makes music that is at once both ancient and modern; by turns haunting, exuberant, enchanting. This quartet opens a musical time capsule, sent for posterity. The old songs and dances they find inside come to life again, and give rise to new ones. The world of an aging billboard is reborn in the present-day city.
Sherita is part of a rich and vibrant NYC community that is passionate about the folk music and dance of the Balkans. Since its formation in 2011, the band has played consistently at Zlatne Uste's Golden Festival, the annual New York/Balkan mega-party, as well as in the late-night kafana at the Eastern European Folklife Center's Balkan Music and Dance Workshop. The group has also played at venues ranging from Brooklyn music clubs to underground parties to outdoor events in public plazas, and has had the honor of recording to wax cylinder at the Edison Museum in West Orange, NJ.

Sherita is:
Renee Renata Bergan - percussion, vocals
Rima Fand - violin, vocals
Adam Good - oud
Greg Squared - clarinet, vocals


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