Six Bells, Wildhoney, Expert Alterations

Six Bells

Brandon Butler, Ryan Patterson, Keith Bryant, Forrest Kuhn. Louisville, Kentucky.


"Wildhoney are a pop band through and through. While some have thrown around words like "dreamy" and "hazy" to describe their brand of guitar pop, there's something deeper going on that can't be summed up in an easy blog tag. Songs such as "Soft Bats" and "Like Me" aren't just catchy songs, they're songs that stick with you long after they end. This is due to the simple, yet great interplay between vocals and guitars that weave throughout almost effortlessly. "Get Out Of My Dreams" from their upcoming single finds Wildhoney digging a bit deeper and crafting an almost droney pop song that not only is catchy but pulses with life."

Expert Alterations



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