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A pop punk, metal, and hardcore festival in Jacksonville, Florida bringing underground music together.

New Found Glory (Playing "Sticks & Stones"), H2O, Citizen, Defeater, Turnstile, This Wild Life, Crime In Stereo, Fireworks, Cro-Mags, Gideon, A Loss For Words, The Orphan The Poet, Artifex Pereo, Bad Luck, Boys No Good, Villians, GhostxShip, Xerxes, and more!

New Found Glory

The anticipated new album Radiosurgery from pop punk heroes New Found Glory is set to arrive in stores October 4th via Epitaph Records. Fans can preorder the album now by going to the Epitaph Store.

The first single from the album, title track "Radiosurgery" is currently available for download at iTunes.

The album Radiosurgery continues the band's high energy musical journey while simultaneously paying homage to the bands that inspired them to first pick up instruments as teenagers back in Coral Springs Florida.

"Our music is constantly evolving and changing and when this band puts out an album we always try to offer something different," explains guitarist Chad Gilbert. "With this disc we wanted to go back to the music that got us into punk and incorporate influences from those albums."

For this latest venture, New Found Glory was aided by a trusted producer Neal Avron, who worked with the band on Catalyst in 2004, and has honed his chops in the interim with artists like Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park. The resulting songs sound undeniably like New Found Glory but they also have a timeless punk feel that will appeal to both diehard fans as well as new converts.

"This album is a culmination of all of our albums put together and in a lot of ways we feel like a new band when we're playing these songs because they're so energized and they affirm the fact that we're going to be a band for a long time," summarizes guitarist Steve Klein. "In a lot of ways it feels like we're just getting started."

The band also announced its Fall Headline Tour entitled Pop Punk's Not Dead, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. Tour pre-sale begins today and fans can get tickets at reduced fees along with special ticket/album bundle packages by going to:

The Ghost Inside

Conceived in the spring of 2007, The Ghost Insideemerged with a vengeance from the Los Angeles music scene where dreams fade just as fast as they are born. The band was a fresh new start for friends Jonathan Vigil, Aaron Brooks, and Tyler Watamanuk who's former band, "A Dying Dream" had recently disintegrated after half of the members moved on. This left Vigil and company quite discouraged as they had just released an EP with hardcore heavyweights "Mediaskare Records." Fueled by their frustration, and determination to never give up, they founded The Ghost Inside and enlisted drummer KC Stockbridge, and guitarist Soyer Cole to round out the all-star lineup.

With the roster solidified and plans to conquer the world, The Ghost Inside began crafting their own unique brand of aggressive yet melodic metal/hardcore. Their collective goal was to write music that would transcend genres without boundaries, and set them apart from their peers putting them into a league of their own. All of the hard work paid off when in April of 2007; the band released their debut album entitled "Fury And The Fallen Ones" on Mediaskare Records.

After the full length was released, interest in the band intensified as they toured nonstop throughout North America with bands such as Bury Your Dead, Misery Signals, Bring Me The Horizon, Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, As Blood Runs Black, Winds Of Plague, and Sleeping Giant. In June of 2008, the band took their act overseas when they were asked to go to Australia with I Killed The Prom Queen. After a year of touring, The Ghost Inside parted ways with Soyer Cole, and suffered a brief hiccup when Tyler Watamanuk decided that life on the road was not for him and called it quits. The band quickly rallied and enlisted Garrett Harer on bass and Zach Johnson to take over guitar duties. Later that summer, The Ghost Inside was invited to be a part of the massive "Ten For Ten Tour" featuring Poison The well, Madball, Bane, Terror, and Vision Of Disorder as the headlining acts. Hammering out high- energy sets every night on this tour quickly earned the band a reputation for their intense live show and their hard-working attitude.

Coming off of a great 2 years on the road, the band gathered their new material and headed into the studio to record their follow up album entitled "Returners" which is hitting stores February 2010. Later this fall, the band heads to Europe on the "Imperial Never Say Die" Tour, followed by runs in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Their long term goal: To continue to put out new music, and tour in as many new places as possible all the while, crushing everything in their path. If you have not yet seen The Ghost Inside, you owe it to yourself to drop whatever you are doing and get to one of their shows immediately!


If you claim to be well versed in punk history, you would certainly know that H2O are one of New York's premiere melodic hardcore punk acts. For more than half a decade now, the NYC quintet have been blasting their specific blend of hardcore energy and pop-friendly melody all around the globe to fans of all kinds of music. H2O have found favor with everybody from the hardcore elite to the mainstream enthusiast. One main reason for this universal appeal is the band's attitude towards touring and playing live.

Performing an average of 200 shows a year, no one can accuse this hardened bunch of road warriors of not playing it to the bone. After performing with such varied acts as Pennywise, No Doubt, The Misfits and the band that gave them their first break, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, H2O have accumulated fans all over the world. Through it all, H2O pride themselves on keeping close ties to their fans. The band members answer all their mail personally and can usually be found hanging out in the crowd after their shows. H2O makes it a point to stay grounded. This closeness to their fans is what gives an H2O show its characteristic unified vibe.


In the Year 2000, Cro-Mags have become an urban legend. Their story told and retold, twisted and warped until it is unrecognizable. But now to set the record straight, this is how it all be began. Before the Quarrel.

Picture this, the year 1980, it's sunrise on NYC's lower east side, Ave. A is a barren urban wasteland of empty storefronts in abandoned buildings. the streets are littered with junkies and freaks. Heroin and cocaine are the only flourishing businesses and the only sign of life in this ghost town are the local gangs and 40 or so kids in front of A 7 (hardcore club) where Urban Waste is still on stage. Little Chris, age 11, and Eric Casanova, age 12, sit on the curb still tripping from the night before, with no money, no hope and no future, just drive and dried blood on their clothes from a night they've already forgotten. This was hardcore and the streets were ours.

Across from Tompkins Square Park Parris Mayhew and Harley Flanagan are sitting in the back booth of the Park Inn Tavern (after-hours) pounding pitchers of beer and shots of Jack, planning their new band. Nothing unusual, except that Parris was16 and Harley was 14 and their band was to change the hardcore scene forever.

In the bar, Harley is recounting to Parris the details of a robbery he and Paul Dordal had perpetrated earlier that day. As Parris sits listening and looking into Harley's drunk, drugged and crazed eyes that seem to pierce the darkness, Parris thinks "What am I getting myself into?"

That was really the beginning. There was no blueprint for hardcore, no one to teach them how, they were all just kids living their lives, making it up as they went along, inventing hardcore with every step they took. Harley was a 6th grade dropout, though at age 14 was already a veteran musician, child star of the punk scene, America's first skinhead and the notorious former drummer of NYC's premier punk band, "The Stimulators." In "The Stims" Harley brought a powerful youthful presence to an aging punk scene. He kicked the doors wide open for other kids his age to come on the scene and follow his example to be a youthful creative force like the "Beastie Boys" and Jill and Gabby of "Luscious Jackson." Adam Yauch was at one point considered to play bass with the Cro-Mags, but was about to attend Bard College.

Harley left "The Stims" to create a harder, more aggressive style of music, capturing the true hardcore lifestyle. Depicting the violence, poverty and urban decay of the streets of the lower east side in the early 8o's. Harley's personal influence and mere presence on the scene defined the transition between the old punk scene and the new hardcore scene.

Parris, a 16 year old unknown musician and an art student attending the High School of Art & Design was forever changed by the sounds of the Sex Pistols and Motorhead. Then drawn into the local NYC punk scene by the Stimulators and Bad Brains, Parris joined punk icons "The Mad," playing bass. But soon left the band setting his sights on starting his own band, playing his music.

Paul Dordal recommended Harley and Parris team-up. They had their first jam at Harley's aunt Denise's apartment on Avenue A. Denise was the guitarist of the Stimulators. Parris played the riffs that were to become (with Harley's lyrics), the first Cro-Mags song "World Peace" and the templates for the Cro-Mags' sound. After a few minutes of playing, Denise turned to Harley and said "Where did you find this kid?" But Harley was way ahead of her. he immediately recognized similarities in Parris' approach to his own that were uncanny. A musical mirror image. These two kids couldn't have been more different, but their songs seemed to belong together as if they came from the same source. How could two kids from such different worlds create such a similarly Cro-Mag-Nonimous sound?

That was the beginning of a life long musical collaboration that is as formidable today with their new CD "REVENGE" as it was when they first met.

So, Parris and Harley began hanging out, planning, writing songs and doing a lot of drinking. They became friends fast, but finding other musicians was difficult., so in the interim Harley played drums with Murphy's Law, helped them write their first album and even came up with their name. Harley was eventually replaced by future Cro-Mags drummer Pete Hines who left Murphy's Law and joined the Cro-Mags to support the" Age of Quarrel" LP and to later record the "Best Wishes" LP.

Harley grew impatient and hitchhiked across the country to California. With no money and nowhere to stay Harley just lived day to day, hand to mouth, sampling the California punk scene and definitely gave them a taste of what NYC was about to unleash. Harley the teenage tattooed terror created notoriety everywhere he went, fighting, fucking and consuming mass quantities of drugs and alcohol along the way and he was still only 15 years old. In San Francisco, Harley lived in an abandoned brewery called the "Vats," home of many San Francisco punks. Then he hitchhiked back East and North to Canada. He ran with skinheads there, basically reeking havoc everywhere he went, building on his already formidable reputation.

These times and Harley's life in NYC, living in burnt out buildings, squats and on the streets, was the life that would be the true inspiration behind the Cro-Mags lyrics. Raw, honest truth, a lifestyle that pulled no punches in the urban decay that was the early 80's untamed streets, where violence, gangs and drugs were a way of life and music would be the only escape for this teenage rebel. He not only lived the truly hardcore way of life, he set the standard an created a legend that still lives.

Harley then returned to NYC with a renewed fire to pick up where he an Parris had left off, and a tattoo covering the chest of the devil grabbing the earth.

During this long foundation period Parris continued to pound out riffs and songs like "Malfunction." He also completed high school and two years of college at the School of Visual Arts Film School. Parris would eventually put these skills to work directing the Cro-Mags video "We Gotta Know" and many others such as Onyx's "Slam" and Type O Negative's "Black #1. But Parris never lost sight of his plan for him and Harley to create the band that would become synonymous with hardcore.
Soon after Harley's return to NYC he was given the opportunity to record 4 songs of his own in which he played all the instruments. These recordings were never released but are soon to be on Cro-Mags Recordings.

Harley also played drums in a band called "Mode of Ignorance" (MOI) with future Cro-Mags' john Bloodclot and Doug Holland which faded as Cro-Mags began to take shape. Harley turned down offers to drum for the Misfits, and during the first of HR's solo ventures, Bad Brains management approached Harley to front the Bad Brains but Harley passed because finally after 3 years of writing, drinking and generally causing chaos, the search for musicians for the lineup of "NYC's Hardest Band" was complete.

It is a little known fact that John Joseph was not a founding member of the Cro-Mags or even the original singer. He was not!

In 1984, 15 year old Eric Casanova became the first singer of the Cro-Mags and co-wrote, with Harley, classic Cro-Mag lyrics such as "Hard Times," "Street Justice," "Survival of the Streets," and Eric's own "Life of My Own," based on the lives they led. With the hired services of Mackie on Drums, the Cro-Mags played their first gig at CBGB's with Government Issue. A highly anticipated gig being Harley Flanagan's new band.

Then after their second show, for personal reasons, Eric left the band and began a revolving door of musicians that Parris an Harley watched some and go for the entire life of their musical partnership.
But Eric's contribution to the Cro-Mags in that short time is undeniable, those first songs were the foundation that defined the Cro-Mags' sound and lyrical content and those first shows made a tremendous impact. The punk scene was shaken by the force of the Cro-Mags and the momentum was unstoppable.

Next the band recruited john Bloodclot (age 21) on vocals to replace Eric, and after only tow shows began headlining gigs. Overnight Cro-Mags had dominated the hardcore scene in NYC. As Kabula of Agnostic Front said, "We've toured everywhere and nobody's doing what the Cro-Mags are doin', it's totally new."

The transition between Eric and John was seamless. John's lyrics fit perfectly with Harley and Eric's and John brought a dynamic presence to the front man position that helped to define the image of the band. Though John's presence in the band ultimately was the undoing of the Cro-Mags.

So with 3 years of writing, a solid foundation of songs already in the band's repertoire, along with music from Harley's never released solo recording including "Don't Tread on Me," the Cro-Mags needed only a few more songs to complete the now classic set list. Those songs were completed with John Joseph and on November 2, 1984, and on February 16, 1985 the Cro-Mags went into High Five Studios and recorded 12 songs.

That moment in time when four very different freaks got together to make music was historic. The recordings made in that session were simply the blue print for all hardcore that followed and set the stage for the definitive hardcore album of all time, "The Age of Quarrel." This CD, now poignantly titled "Before the Quarrel" captured the raw fire that circumstances had created by bringing this unlikely group together. These recordings are revered as the pinnacle moment of the Cro-Mags and the favorite recordings of Cro-Mags fans.

Harley, Parris, John and Mackie not only made their mark deep in the history of hard music but made a sound that changed it forever. Obviously God didn't bring these guys together to be friends, it was to make hardcore music.

The now infamously volatile relationship between these four people turned ugly in the end but not one of them could look back at these recordings with anything but pride. No words could ever fully describe that time especially not now, so many years later, so many clone bands come and gone. But this music and these words were N.Y.C.H. at it's best, honest, aggressive and true. This CD captured it, the lifestyle that many talk about, but few ever really lived.

The Cro-Mags "Before the Quarrell" was the beginning, the genuine article and this recording is the proof.

They were trulyCro-Mag-nonimus!

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain is an American deathcore band from Chicopee, Massachusetts


Citizen is a punk/indie band that hails from Toledo, Ohio. With some of their members still in high school, to date they've released "The Only Place I Know", a split EP with local friends The Fragile Season [Either/Or Records], which was met with great reviews. Their song "Tracking Time" was included on the compilation "Vs The Earthquake", released after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in early 2011.

The band released their debut EP, entitled "Young States" (recorded by Jay Maas at The Getaway Recording Studio), digitally on September 1st, 2011 and will be releasing the 12″ LP in January 2012 via Either/Or Records and UK-based City Of Gold Records.

Signing to Mightier Than Sword at the end of 2011, Citizen will also be entering the studio in mid-January to record two tracks for an upcoming split with Virginia Beach, VA-based Turnover, to be released Spring 2012 via Mightier Than Sword/Broken Rim Records. With infectious melodies and a passionate live show, Citizen is poised to be a name you won't soon forget.


Formed in Massachusetts in 2004 and solidified in 2008 from a diverse background of musicians, Defeater is a forward-thinking hardcore band with more to them than just mosh part

A Loss For Words

In a world where some bands are handed everything on a silver platter, there's also a place where there's still some hardworking folks left. Boston's own pop-punk outfit, A Loss For Words are at the top of that list. Having released 3 EPs and their full length "The Kids Can't Lose" since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now. Some people are going to ask what being a hardworking band even means anymore, and those questions are warranted. In a world where Myspace plays have somehow become more important than heart, the line that separates the real from the manufactured has become more than a little blurry. A Loss For Words know where they stand in this sea of blurred lines. A Loss For Words are out there on the road touring ten months out of every year. Not only are they out there playing shows, but are watching younger bands, pushing CD's in the parking lot, shaking hands and putting on one of the most sweat-soaked and honest sets you can find. A Loss For Words sees the wall that stands between them and success and they're not stupid. They know that maybe with some cool haircuts and electric drums there might be an easier way around it, but they've picked the path they've always known, breaking away at the concrete with their bare hands and it shows. I challenge you to find another unsigned band with these achievements: toured with Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club, sold 6000 copies of a record that no one helped them put out, and that went to Japan on a 100% DIY agenda. With A Loss For Words, the guarantee is that no matter what town you live in, these guys will be there this year ready to shake your hand, hang out, rock out and have a good time.

Up next was Capsize, who made the trek all the way from San Diego to play on a Monday night. Presenting hardcore with a good deal of heart, the band igniting the first slammin' pit of the evening. Especially impressive is charismatic vocalist Daniel, who was all over the stage performing with a wondrous sense of passion and conviction. The band played songs from Set Sail, their CD on Irish Voodoo Records, including Nothing Changes and Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful. Capsize also premiered two powerful news song – Dreamcatcher and Voyages – both slated to be on their next release. Judging by the audience reaction, we'll be seeing their second effort on a label such as Rise or Fearless. Capsize is a solid band you'll be hearing a lot more of in the future. Many of their fans drove all the way from San Diego to see them and there is little doubt there were a few new Capsize fans made locally in the San Fernando Valley as well on that night.

Self released, debut EP "All Aboard" out now. Full length album "Set Sail" out now Self released/Irish Voodoo Records

Show Review by Ken at


Tuscaloosa, Alabama brings us Gideon, an aggressive, melodic hardcore band with an already impressive repertoire. Well-placed gang vocals and a powerful front man set Gideon apart from many of their peers, while the band as a whole, whose members have been playing together only since 2008, come off sounding like seasoned pros. Their Facedown debut "Costs" (engineered by Brian Hood) will be released on March 1, 2011 and will be supported by non stop touring including Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA (April) and Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL (July).

Better Off

Better Off is a rock band from Nashville, TN - USA.

Artifex Pereo

Louisville, KY | Tooth & Nail Records
Management: Cory Hajde |
Booking: Daniel McCartney |

Boys No Good

Counterparts have come quite a long way since their formation in 2007. With a fan base that has progressively expanded beyond their home province, the young artists have toured Canada relentlessly since March 2009. The band's upward trajectory truly took off after the release of their debut full-length, Prophets, in February 2010. The Verona Records release turned heads across the country, as well as past its borders. The record proved to be an immediate hit among fans of the hardcore genre, simultaneously garnering praise from scene luminaries and newcomers. Its impact was bold and far-reaching, going so far as to earn the band several award nominations throughout Ontario. The positive response caused the band's touring regimen to quickly increase in intensity, with a slew of tours taking place both at home and in the United States alongside prominent hardcore acts such as Shai Hulud and It Prevails. At a point when most bands would take time off to relax, Counterparts proved themselves once again to be as hardworking as they come. In November 2010, the band released a split EP alongside Ontario-based hardcore unit Exalt. The EP was another instant hit among fans, and proved that the band still had plenty left to offer, both musically and lyrically, that had not been showcased on their debut.
In October 2011, Counterparts released The Current Will Carry Us via influential independent label Victory Records. The sophomore LP saw the band pursuing a more raw, straightforward sound, and achieving a new level of honesty through their lyrics. Tossing any idealistic rhetoric aside, TCWCU offers listeners an extremely introspective listening experience that depicts the band in their most sincere, vulnerable state. While the album marks a clear thematic departure from its predecessor, its unrestrained aggression makes an emotional impact that's even more genuine. The record's reception easily exceeded the expectations of the band members, landing them a selection as one of Alternative Press' "100 Bands You Need To Know In 2012" and solidifying plans for the group's first ever expedition into Europe, in which they would bring their unforgettable live presence to listeners who'd spent years anxiously awaiting the opportunity.
If there's one thing that's abundantly clear about Counterparts' career, it's that none of the success – the building of an incredibly passionate and supportive fan base – has come about without a great deal of struggle and sacrifice. Like many bands who strive to do things on their own terms, Counterparts have had to face adversity in many different forms, including being stricken down by legal sanctions, having their touring vehicle obliterated, and having to cope with the ill-fated return of a founding member. Counterparts' story, while perhaps still in its infancy, has been one of a constant battle to find stability in an increasingly unpredictable music landscape. Nonetheless, the band have consistently proven themselves to be steadfast in the face of any impediment that comes their way. After years of dutiful exertion, the band are finally entering an era in which the future looks bright, and they've been able to reach this plateau without once compromising any aspect of their art. Through sheer hard work and dedication, Counterparts have been able to overcome innumerable obstacles in order to hold on to their elusive dream. Armed with heart and hope, Counterparts plan on spreading their music and message as far and wide as humanly possible in the coming years.

Dark Sermon


4 dudes from Fruit Cove, FL. We like playing music and pushing each other into rivers.

The life of a touring musician isn't always all it's cracked up to be. The endless miles separating one from friends, family and a warm bed, and the alienation that rift creates, becomes a trial of endurance that quickly disintegrates all but the truly dedicated. For Fireworks, the answer is to find strength together, as one; five friends creating music, and in the end, their own brand of Gospel.Thus Gospel, the Detroit-based quintet's second full-length and follow-up to 2009's All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, finds the band at a crucial crossroads, both creatively and personally. Their rookie growing pains behind them, on the new record the band penned their most powerful and captivating music to date, orbiting a central theme of inspiration amid sacrifice. Fortunately it only takes a matter of seconds to hear that the group's efforts have hardly been in vain. "This record just makes so much more sense with us, and I think it shows," says guitarist and frequent lyricist Chris Mojan. "We basically all went into the studio and fed off each other. I think once people hear this record, they'll be like, 'This is the record I expected you guys to put out one day. This is totally you guys.' It doesn't sound like anything else."Fireworks--which also includes vocalist Dave Mackinder, bassist Kyle O'Neil, guitarist Brett Jones and drummer Tymm Rengers--formed in Detroit in 2005, and released their first EP, We Are Everywhere, on Run For Cover Records in 2006. Those early recordings and some serious DIY touring eventually attracted the attention of esteemed indie Triple Crown Records, which signed the band in 2008 and re-released We Are Everywhere, before quickly sending the band into the studio to cut a full-length debut. Fireworks teamed with producer/New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert and in 2009 dropped All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, instantly staking their place among the leaders of the present melodic punk revival. Several high-profile tours followed, including stints with NFG, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and Saves The Day.But despite All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion's many charms, the band knew they could do better, especially with more time and budget. So for a follow-up Fireworks tapped iconic producer Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive, The Movielife) to helm the sessions, sequestering themselves for a month at McTernan's cozy Salad Days studio, in Baltimore, Md.'s vibrant Fell's Point neighborhood. What they emerged with is sure to completely blow away fans, while also exhibiting obvious growth since their last release."We just went on a very different dynamic than our last record," says O'Neil. "We've grown a ton; it shows a lot of maturity, I feel, as far as songwriting goes and sound, but it still has the catchiness of the last record and traditional Fireworks. This one is like everything that we grew up listening to, and wanted to be."Indeed, there's a prevailing sound and vibe on Gospel that harkens to earlier, golden days, when bands like Saves The Day and New Found Glory were redefining pop-punk, yet there's an unmistakable modernity to Gospel as well, sprinkled with the band's own particular nuances. The sum total is a record that sounds like everything fans of the genre adore, while also being fresh, unique and artistically challenging."I honestly think it's just a record that we really wanted to make; it's just a cool, driving rock/pop record," says Mojan. "There are some surf-y vibes to it, some Costello-type vibes, and some harder, traditional Fireworks-type vibes on it, too. It's just all over the place, in a good way. It has definitely some of our most chill material, but at the same time, it has some of the fastest, most aggressive songs we've written."Lyrically speaking, the band spends much of Gospel wrestling with a life spent largely on the road; a situation that has only intensified in recent years with each new milestone Fireworks achieve. Rather than coming across as complaining though, it's more akin to guilt-tinged confession and friendly confiding. "We're obviously in a different mindset since we recorded the last record, as far as life goes, but it's still very personal," explains O'Neil. "I feel this one's even a little more personal, because now we're all a little older, but we're not much more established as people in the real world. Different personal events have happened in people's lives, and being gone a lot has definitely hindered some relationships, as it always will in that situation.""We're all coming to the age when everyone we grew up just kind of moved on and started really living a normal-type life. It isn't a bad thing, but we're just kind of dealing with falling behind," adds Mojan. "It's definitely way more honest than the last record. It mainly deals with the struggles of being home, and being caught in-between being a touring band who does well and plays shows, or just being some idiot trying, who doesn't have time to go to school or do anything else because of this."However out of those tribulations, Fireworks found a new strength in one another, collaborating closer than ever on an album that they can be proud of for years to come. Opening track "Arrows," with its soaring verses and frenetic changes, the intensifying churn of "Summer," or the moody, STD-reminiscent "Teeth," go so far beyond merely honoring the group's influences; they deserve inclusion among the genre's most essential listening. Sensing that their latest release encapsulated more than just songs, but rather, their entire collective salvation, the group dubbed the record Gospel, reflecting not just solidarity, but redemption amid adversity."People sing gospels that help them. To us, this is our version of our gospel, like our expression, and our way out of the annoyances of life," explains Mojan. "It rang really well. It was basically words we wanted to live by, and to us, there's no better way to describe it. The basis of the album is kind of negative, but it's definitely sparked with positivity and more of an uplifting theme, out of a darker setting."As the title conveys, one listen to Gospel and it's clear there is light at the end of the tunnel. Coming up indie can be hard on a young band, but when said group responds with a work as unforgettable as Firework's latest, the fruits of such labor can't be far behind. The band plans to hit the road hard this spring in anticipation of the album's May 24 release, including a three-week run with like-minded punkers the Wonder Years, before the summer calendar gets fully underway. More than anything, the band is anxious to share their triumphant Gospel, so for Fireworks fans, 2011 promises to be nothing short of incendiary."We really are excited for the next couple years, and this record, and everything else to come afterward, and to really see where it takes us as a band," says Mojan. "Right now, we're very much in a 'bring it on' state of mind."

Hotel Books

Hotel Books is an expression of spirit conveyed through spoken-word poetry and ambient music.


If you thought Syracuse had quietly receded into the annals of straight edge folklore, think again. Young, straight edge bands like Ghost Ship prove that the one time Mecca of the straight edge scene is still thriving with individuals dedicated to positivity and sobriety. Heavy and lyrically uncompromising the band carries the banner that scene forerunners Earth Crisis hoisted nearly two decades ago. Fittingly, the band will include a song written by Earth Crisis frontman Karl Beuchner on their new album, as well as guest vocals by Pauly Meltdown/Blackout Rage. Using their band as a platform to discuss substance addiction, drug war culture, and the importance of commitment, Ghost Ship should be at the forefront of the straight edge scene for years to come.

In Hearts Wake

Jake Taylor - Unclean Vocals
Ben Nairne - Guitar
Eaven Dall - Guitar
Kyle Erich - Bass & Clean Vocals
Conor Ward - Drums

In Hearts Wake is an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay that formed in 2006.

King Nine

Long Island hardcore. Scared To Death. Lumpy?

Like Pacific

Five dudes with a common love for fast, hard-hitting
and melodic music.

Nothing Til Blood

Nothing Til Blood has sewn their hardcore, punk, and metal roots together to develop an inveterate hardcore band, energized by their Birmingham, Alabama scene. Fresh out of the gates in 2011, Nothing Til Blood joined the Strike First family in time to release their debut album When Lambs Become Lions. Recorded at The Basement with Jamie King (For Today, Between the Buried and Me), NTB's debut promises to be right on par with Strike First's heaviest releases.

When Lambs Become Lions out NOW on Strike First Records.


Pentimento is a 4 piece punk rock outfit from Buffalo, NY that strives to create a sound focused on the raw emotion of the punk scene that birthed them.

While staying true to the roots and influences of their upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity you take away when listening to their music. The goal of Pentimento has always been to create passionate music that they could share with others and have the listener feel and connect with on a personal level.

Pentimento entered the studio early this year (2011) to record their newest EP "Wrecked". Pentimento's process of writing and recording Wrecked was to weed out any possibility of artificial factors or "studio magic". The goal was to bring the most genuine and real instance to the listener with the hopes that the same experience that is put across live, comes across on their recordings. Pentimentos' "Wrecked" has achieved that goal and surpassed it with one of the most honest EPs to come out this year. Panic Records is proud to release Wrecked on CD and Digital formats on July 19th, 2011 with the Vinyl version to follow shortly after.

Secret Keeper


Superheaven was formed in the late winter of 2007,there they began writing their first songs which would end up on their Demo and later on an EP called Sinking, released on Get This Right Records in August of 2009. From there the band began touring throughout the east coast and mid west. Later that year, the band ventured overseas to tour in Australia. After their return they began recording their 2nd EP entitled Dispirit, released in July of 2010 on Six Feet Under Records. 2010 was the bands first full US tour, they toured out west to play the Sound & Fury Festival, and headed back east playing shows with Transit along the way. After they returned home from the tour they began writing again for a new release. In 2011, the band took their first trip to Europe to tour with Basement and Hostage Calm. With no intention of slowing down, the band had various tours with Bone Without Bones, Daytrader, Seahaven and Basement throughout the rest of that year. In early 2012, they released a new EP entitled The Difference In Good and Bad Dreams released on Run For Cover Records. At this time, the band had a lineup change and acquired a new drummer. 2012 would be the year the band would write their first full length LP. From there, the band took to a heavier touring schedule, including various US and European tours with such acts as More Than Life, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Dead End Path, Soul Search and Basement. When they weren't touring they were spending time writing the rest of their record. Superheaven consists of Taylor Madison and Jake Clarke on guitars and vocals, Joe Kane on bass, and Zack Robbins on drums. The band is set to debut their first full length LP entitled Jar on Run For Cover Records in the spring of 2013.

This Wild Life

This Wild Life is an acoustic duo from Long Beach, CA. Writing songs that hail to the past emotions of Dashboard Confessional and the new feelings of City and Colour, they have created a sound, vibe, and presence that sets them apart from their stripped down acoustic peers.

Oddly enough, both Kevin Jordan (Vocalist) and Anthony Del Grosso (Guitar) were raised as drummers from a very young age. Anthony moved out to Long Beach from his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to pursue a career in drums. After meeting Kevin and starting a pop punk band, they realized that their true talent laid in their acoustic renditions and performances. Between Kevin's melodic vocals and Anthony's beautiful fingerpicking, they discovered a sound that began to find it's way to fans worldwide through organic and viral promotion. Releasing two EP's and several singles independently, their fans have been instrumental in spreading the music and creating a buzz anticipating a full length record.

Listeners have identified with the band on an emotional and personal level, connecting with the self reflective and sincere lyrics touching on topics such as regret, unconditional love, being raised by a single parent, and hope in tough times. Without gimmicks or advertising, the band has been able to accrue tens of thousands of fans, millions of video views, and over 20,000 digital downloads to date. More impressive is the relationship they have built with their fans by constant interaction by means of social networks and touring. Making themselves constantly available to fans is something the band has taken pride in, and it shows in all of the platforms the band participates in.

Due to overwhelming support for the band, This Wild Life just entered the Vanguard Room in Lakeland, Florida to begin recording their debut full length with Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Enlisting Aaron was an important decision for the band as they aimed to create a record that captured the tone, color, and raw emotion of the new material the band has been creating. Coinciding with this release is an ambitious video effort to enhance the delivery and experience of each and every song, so be sure to keep up to date with the band by subscribing to their YouTube channel and Email List.

This Wild Life is a breath of fresh air to the scene, yet hearkens to familiar sounds of past acoustic songwriters. Aiming to up their tour schedule by the end of 2013, they are sure to find more and more support as they release new music and earn the respect and loyalty of fans far and wide.

Turnover is a fast and to the point, punk band based out of Virginia Beach. Their debut self titled EP consists of 5 songs, totaling at just under fourteen minutes. With honest lyrics, and simple but catchy riffs, the EP is solid beginning to end. Turnover is sure to be one of this year's best upcoming bands.

Hardcore band from MD featuring members of Trapped Under Ice. FFO: Burn, Crown Of Thornz, Leeway, and 311.

Xerxes finished recording their sophomore full-length with co-producer Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Their They're There) in March of 2014, which is set for release this Fall via No Sleep Records. The band is currently hitting the road on a few shows showcasing new material from their forthcoming album.



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