He started producing Dubstep in 2007, and with very little recognition from the then niche Dubstep audience, Borgore quickly established himself with his unique sound and style.

He quickly started to fly around the world from gig to gig, shortly realising every performance was having a huge impact. Borgore quickly developed unique characteristics to his performance, whether crowd surfing, or mosh pitting with the ravers, Borgore brought over his years of experience in a band to the Dubstep stage.

Since the explosion of his sound and the Dubstep genre, Borgore has risen to be one of Dance musics biggest stars. Whether touring in Europe, North America, Australia or even New Zealand, Borgore had sold out at the box office over and over again where ever he goes.

With over 6 millions views on Youtube, a vast fan base on social networks such as Facebook or being featured on soundtracks for TV shows such as ‘Skins'. He now runs his own record label ‘Buygore' and had featured releases and remixes for many well known international artists. Borgore goes from strength to strength and has only just scratched the surface.

The Bolivian Marching Affair

Newcomers to the scene in 2011, The Bolivian Marching Affair are already making some noise in the scene. Formed by Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher and Chris Curran in the winter of 2010, this Boston based trio have been hard at work in the studio since day one, working on their signature sound that has already drawn attention from the likes of Boston’s own Hot Pink Delorean and Terravita, to acts around the globe.

Their first remix of the classic “Better Off Alone” received instant attention from labels and artists alike, and set the stage for things to come. The trio came back just weeks later with their remix of Brittany Spears’ “I Wanna Go”, and solidified their place in the scene as much more than a one-hit-wonder.

Now a part of the Household Management family, the Three are hard at work in the studio, working feverishly to finish their first EP, which is guaranteed to be nothing less than magnificent.


REDNEK was born in London and raised by Jamaicans in Hackney. REDNEK is not just a DJ/Producer.
He is a unique performer that engages his audience with massive stage presences and vocal abilities like no other. REDNEK's sounds consists of head destroying baselines with original intricate edits and even though he has only been making Dub-step since May 2011 don't be fooled, he has 18 years of hard studio time under his hat. The true nature of the name "rednek" means grafter. This is why they call him REDNEK....enjoy!


Syl-o comes to us from another Planet... but now is currently Burning the Streets of Atlanta, Ga... From somewhere In this Universe, Syl-o has come to us Bringing HEAVY Hitting mash-ups, Mind melting mixes, and Energy that can Set a Place on Fire!...
His Influences come from the Energy and Soul of all types of Music, Film, and Production... His Love of Performance can be seen on stage and off With his Fun, Bouncy, and Crazy personality... Syl-o is something you need to see to believe

I make music From my Heart... Love it or Hate it, : ]


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