Glenn Kaiser Band

Glenn Kaiser Band

Any fan of the Glenn Kaiser Band knows that this band needs to be experienced live to fully appreciate their energy, spontaneity and improvisational style. Led by Glenn Kaiser, GKB delivers a raw but powerful dose of inspired blues rock and classic blues music, fueled by Kaiser's white-hot riffing guitar and soulful, bluesy vocals backed up by the rock-solid rhythm section of Ed Bialach on drums and Kaiser's former Resurrection Band mate Roy Montroy on bass.

Jack Butlers Jones

The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Brad Alan Dennison, singer and primary songwriter for Jack Butlers Jones, the Chicago based modern blues band, is the "four-forty" tattooed across the front of his neck. The standard tuning for musicians is 440. It's known as 'concert pitch', and for Brad, it is also a lifestyle. "You gotta get in tune" , he'll tell you.
Jack Butlers Jones. The name itself sounds like an old, dusty blues man or a bloke from 'across the pond' creating Brit blues by trying to absorb every morsel of American blues music that floats or flies it's way to him.
Jack Butlers Jones is a powerful combination of contemporary lyrics and arrangements with the raw, dangerous, but comforting feel of old Chicago blues.
Although Jack Butlers Jones is new to the Chicago music scene, it's members are not. Wes McClain is the lead guitar player. He is encyclopedic in his Chicago blues knowledge and can channel it in his fingers as quickly as the weather changes in Chicago. "The first time we ever played together was at Kingston Mines open mic night." Wes tells us. " People asked where they could go see us play! We were off and running."
Drummer, Mike Amandes, is a Chicago-born musical mage. He is just as comfortable banging out a tricky time signature on his kit as he is explaining how to build a diminished seventh chord. "Mike came highly recommended from a very close friend of mine." Brad tells us. "He is in demand so we kind of had to wait a few months before we could get to him, but it was surely worth the wait."
Bassist, Joe Juettner completes the group. "Joe's a great player. He brings weight to the bottom end but also a very natural musicality. We were lucky to find Joe. It was a Craigslist thing, which is usually nothing but a headache," says Brad.
Before forming Jack Butlers Jones in the summer of 2014, the boys were in separate projects that saw them in some of the most renowned venues in the country. You might've seen them in such legendary Chicago spots as Martyrs, Double Door, Underground Wonder Bar, Joe's on Weed or even in Manhattan at Rockwood Music Hall and Brooklyn's gem Pete's Candy Store.
"Our goal is to play our music and hopefully, inject a bit of freshness into a scene that may have lost a little over the years." Brad offers. "Oh, we can play the classics. We are also very excited to get our original songs out there."
Like the proverbial blues train chuggin', Jack Butlers Jones is coming. All aboard!

Joey J Saye

Music should be spontaneous, sincere, soulful This is the philosophy taken on by Joey J. Saye. Meaning that musicians are to be able to perform in such a way that expresses their condition in an aesthetic yet pure way. This is why Joey J. Saye strives only to play energetic, soulful yet soothing music that's rooted in blues, Jazz, Country and Soul. Producing a sound that would seem larger than the trio itself.
To CREATE has always been Joey J's desire ever since he could remember. By the time he was in High School he was writing on anything he could find and saving scraps of paper or even tissue with lyrics on them by thumb-tacking them onto his bedroom wall. After hearing the sound of blues music his obsession with guitar began to take its root. Refusing to do anything besides learn the songs he heard Joey J. started to develop his skill. Joey J. had the experience to develop his craft on stage in local venues playing with local bands rather than at home. Growing tired of playing what other people had created he began to work toward establishing himself as an all-around singer songwriter.



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