For the last 12 years, Tributosaurus has been paying homage to a different artist once every month. Our goal is to exactly re-create the sounds of the original recordings as closely as possible, whatever that may entail. Consequently, the core members of the group have become incredibly adept at designing sounds, transcribing performances, recognizing and creating widely varied arrangements -- managing to do this with a completely new catalog of material every show.

Every month we feature a wide array of guests, including horn sections, string sections, ethnic instruments and ensembles, multiple guitarists and keyboardists, and many singers both lead and supporting. This has put us in the unique position of having a direct line to the largest network of top-flight players in Chicago, all of whom know us and thankfully jump to work with us. Our musical community expands and grows closer, monthly.

The Tributosaurus core has become the ultimate musical chameleon, able to jump from style to style, from ensemble to ensemble easily. We know and listen to each other attentively, which makes each of our live performances sound like a BAND, as opposed to a group of random assembled players. It's rock and roll, and it has to feel right.

Of course, what really makes the project work is our great love and respect of the music. The material is treated with reverence, as an orchestra treats the classical canon. We love what we do, and we have more fun than ought to be legal every time we play.

Tributosaurus Becomes THE BEATLES, Vol: 8 Let It Be

The final show: LET IT BE, and the best of the orchestral catalog.

It's time to complete the audacious Tributosaurus Beatles Project, an absurd undertaking to perform all of their recorded songs in chronological order start to finish.

We hope we've passed the audition.

As always, the full recording will be preformed in their entirety, with meticulous, faithful re-constructions of the original arrangements. The grandeur of "The long and Winding Road." The simple acoustic perfection of "Two of Us." Billy Preston's many soulful contributions on electric piano and organ. As always, Tributosaurus will treat this iconic music with the respect and care it deserves.

Set 2 of the Tributosaurus show at the Copernicus on December 12th will be the album in it's entirety, with the full orchestra power of the Spector arrangements. With the full orchestra on stage, set 1 will be the best of the entire orchestral catalog. "I am the Walrus." "Day In The Life." And so much more.

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