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Last we heard from Pat Mahoney's Museum of Love, the former LCD Soundsystem member was busy getting his David Byrne on with "Down South." But the second single from him and project partner Jee Day, a.k.a. Dennis McNany, has got a decidedly Brian Eno bent. Above you'll find the video for "Monotronic," in which director Andrew Dresher pits the producers against one another on the racquetball court. The hi-def, slo-mo shots of anguished swings somehow pairs well with the track's opening line — "I wasn't meant for this much happiness" — and almost meditative feel. This one will also feature on Museum of Love's self-titled debut album, which is done and mastered and set for a September release.

New Build formed in London in 2011. The band comprises three core members: Al Doyle, Felix Martin and Tom Hopkins.

Al Doyle is the lyricist and "voice" of the band. He plays with Hot Chip and the now-retired LCD Soundsystem. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, percussion, strings, and steel pans. Felix Martin, a fellow member of Hot Chip, is a musician, producer & DJ. Tom Hopkins is a studio engineer and electronic composer who has worked with a number of musicians at Lanark Studio.

Lanark Studio is where much of New Build's music has been created and crafted. The studio is a large, open room which was rebuilt from the ground up after an accident flooded the building in 2009. The initial aim after this resurrection was to have "everything on all the time" – every keyboard plugged in, every amplifier and drum miked up, everything ready.

The theory was that the initial spark of inspiration would readily ignite in an environment humming with such potentiality, and that such flashes would be easily captured. In retrospect it may have been an unachievable, utopian concept, and it certainly didn't quite pan out that way, but nevertheless the studio became a fertile, inspiring space that is now inseparable from the music of New Build. It demands that you tinker, explore, rethink – and above all, hold nothing sacred.

The space has also been used by Hot Chip, James Murphy, Charles Hayward, PLANNINGTOROCK and Caribou, as well as a multitude of other friends and collaborators. It is currently being used a rehearsal space as New Build prepare for their first headline tour in the UK, Europe and US this March. As a live unit, New Build are dedicated to realising their music in as full and exciting a way as possible. They are joined by Ben Ubly on bass guitar; Rupert Clervaux on drums; Charlie Michael on percussion, and Hannah Thomson and Mika Bajinski on vocals.

New Build are releasing music on their own fledgling label, Lanark Recordings, with their first two releases both limited edition 12"s featuring artwork by Felix's father Andy Martin. Their forthcoming album "Yesterday Was Lived And Lost" will be released on the label in March and features artwork by another Martin, Felix's brother Bevis, an artist living in France who collaborates with his partner Charlie Youle. The "family and friends" nature of these releases is no accident and Lanark Recordings hope to release music by some of their close friends, currently lurking in deep obscurity, later in 2012.

Al Doyle answers LCD questions:

- What was your favourite LCD gig?

Probably the one which I thought was my last ever gig, at the end of the Sound of Silver tour when James said he wasn't making another record. We played "New York I Love You" and I was totally in tears, just broken down and sobbing, and to add to it James started singing "Al Doyle I Love You" and that was just too much. Never been so mushed up on stage before or since - actually, talking about it now it probably wasn't my "favourite" gig, but it was a singular experience. Very grainy footage here:

- What is your favourite LCD song
Gotta be All My Friends, still the best one right? I mean I could go for something more obscure but really why not pick the pinnacle?
- What is your favourite LCD lyric?

There are a lot of knowing lyrics that are cool and referential, and I loved seeing people's reaction to those, but some of the things that were closer to James' heart seem to hit home with a little more force. "The coffee isn't even bitter, because what's the difference?" (from "Someone Great") is a trenchant examination of the way grief makes you want to see the transformative in everything, but at one step removed there isn't anything other than the mundane, and there's a sadness in that too.

- What do you miss most about the LCD days?
Jesus, this is a trip down memory lane isn't? I feel like you're coming to see me at the old people's home, and I'm finishing all the stories with lines like "he's dead now of course, poor chap". But ok I'll humour the idea. I miss the experience of injecting something of an american punk rock way of thinking (which I knew nothing about at the start) into some incredibly posh, professional settings. We never seemed to go about things in a straightforward way, and it was infuriating sometimes, but in retrospect it was pretty thrilling, and I'm not sure that there'll be another band that gets the chance to do some of the things we did. The money's not really there anymore.

- What do you predict James will do next!?
He's gonna do the music to a film about coffee.

- What should we expect from your new bands live show?
Monolithic, immersive dance music that goes on longer, and gets louder, than even we expect.

- What should we expect from your new bands album?
Same as the live show but with more attempts at intimacy, not all of it welcome.

- What LCD song would best fit into your new band set, as a cover version?
Ha. I really wouldn't want to try. Maybe "Get Innocuous"? We were kind of already a covers band in LCD so it'd definitely be a little too weird to tempt fate again.

- What instrument would James play if he was in your new band?
Dude, that guy can't really play anything that well, that's why he hired us. Actually that's not true, James is a great musician; I'd probably stick him on the timbales though, and then position them far away.

- What is next for your bands respectively?
A brief hiatus while we're rudely interrupted by a stupid old Hot Chip album and tour.

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