Dream Police

Dream Police

Dream Police is an American musical production by Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro. The project began in 2010 as a reservoir for ideas which had overflowed from The Men's drain pipe. In that same year, a two-song cassette single was self-released, with a follow-up live document in 2011. Most recently, the duo has conceived an LP with longtime sonic partner, Kyle Keays-Hagerman from late 2013 through early 2014. Although the production began using the most conservative rock and roll devices, it slowly plumed into a cloud of future primitive psychedelia bursting with glimmering electronics and cinematic, vibrato storytelling. Dream Police are brutal, erotic and overlit.

Mercury Living

MERCURY LIVING is an ever-mutating psychedelic industrial trance centered around K. Keays and J. Kudo (ORA ISO, MODRA), with the most recent incarnation featuring N. Chiericozzi (DREAM POLICE, THE MEN). Incorporating mangled consumer electronics, homemade and repurposed trash, squealing reeds and convulsing oscillators, alongside monolith guitars and tense, circular rhythms, they misuse anything possible to feed a slow-burn internal panic. Inspired by a large cross-section of musical deformity from the past few decades, especially early Skullflower and late Ramleh, Chrome, No Trend, Masonna, Suicide and Maurizio Bianchi, they aim to dispense with the tired 'transgressive' cliches of industrial culture, in favor of a terror and disorientation more constant and keenly felt in the void of everyday waking and dreaming.

From Wondering Sound, 08 JULY 2014:
"Their music, full of angry, blade-like guitar and grinding, turbine percussion, was practically revelatory; the rhythm kept shifting beneath the squealing chords, and the result was riveting and hypnotic."

"Sun Blasted Shadow" and "Pristine IIIrd Rail" titles forthcoming Winter 2014.



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