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For her 5th studio album, TAIGA, Nika relocated from central Los Angeles to Vashon Island in the Puget Sound, in effort to immerse herself in the natural world. Vashon is a densely-wooded enclave with no bridges connecting it to the mainland. The taiga is the world's largest terrestrial biome; a wild boreal forest covering large portions of Russia, Canada, Eurasia, referred to as the Northwoods where it connects in North America. Nika grew up on several acres of land in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Her Russian ancestors extend the taiga's bloodline throughout several generations and to some extent this land has genetically imprinted on her. She has always felt its pull. To Nika, the taiga represents boundlessness: no law, just survival – at once innocent and raw, embodying naivety from its purity, yet at its core unforgiving and savage.

Most of Nika's creative process on Vashon was very different from how she used to write. Instead of starting a track with a beat or layers of synthesizers (with vocals usually coming last,) she began by writing songs completely acapella. Her work on the orchestral album Versions inspired her to revisit her classical vocal training and further hone the skills she had started developing in operatic study when she was young. Resuming training with her old opera instructor, she regained the confidence and vocal range she had heretofore lost. It allowed her to shed the former blankets of noise and reverb that used to cover her voice in fear.

After incubating on Vashon for nine months, Nika headed back to Los Angeles to track and mix the album with co-producer Dean Hurley (David Lynch, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse). Hurley guided her in reaching her fidelity goals; which had always been compromised on her previous work, typically made as home recordings. TAIGA is an undeniable transition for Zola Jesus. Described by the artist herself: "The music on the record is massive, with big brass and beats, crystal clear vocals."

Liberated in the present yet connected to the past, TAIGA is a pinnacle for Zola Jesus, the culmination of years of breaking through boundaries."


Deradoorian (Angel Deradoorian) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter hailing from Northern California. As a child, she focused on classical piano, which became the catalyst for her exploration in other genres of music. At age 15 she left high school to pursue a musical career. After traveling around the country in several bands, her heart led her to Brooklyn, NY, where she joined Dirty Projectors. During her tenure with the band they released the critically acclaimed records Rise Above and Bitte Orca, and worked with several talented and respected artists such as Bjork & David Byrne. In this hectic, but exciting time, Angel released her first solo ep under the title Mind Raft on the record label Lovepump United in 2009.

In 2012, Deradoorian left the band to pursue her own project. She is currently living in Los Angeles and working on an album inspired by singing and the space in which sound can reside. She likes Terence McKenna and Alice Coltrane.

Angel is also a member of the band Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks.

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